‘’Not to do’’ list.

We all have a good idea of what we should do to get results, to lose fat, to gain muscles and so on. We know what to do if we want to change our habits, like sleep better, get at least the minimum amount of protein every day, etc.

What we also need to do, but no one does, is to make a ‘’do-not-do-under-any-circumstances list’’. We all have our ‘’fitness demons’’ or our kryptonite, something the bad guys would use against us if we were in our own superhero movie.

Do not, under any circumstances… Reward yourself with food.

This habit has the power to ignite a very bad chain of events that most people can’t control. Any small event in life will become a reason to ‘’earn’’ that cheat meal. You are not a dog. You don’t have to reward yourself with unnecessary calories.

Do not, under any circumstances… Miss a meal.

Almost like the dog treat, it can also bring a bad chain of events. Uncontrollable food cravings, fatigue, mood swings, all leading to harder challenges. Even if you are doing intermittent fasting, this is even more important. Too much of a caloric deficit will lead to failure. Maybe not in the short term, but on the long run, you’ll pay the price.

Do not, under any circumstances… Mess with your sleep.

Quality sleep is the most underrated habit. Most people take for granted the power of restful sleep. It is the most potent recuperation aid available, like our own built in mechanism. No rest, no regeneration. You have to rest as hard as you train.

Coach Eric

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