Timed workout and finishers

I like the good old text book workouts: 5x5, 8x8, 3x12, etc. But sometimes, I also like to throw in chaos to break the mold and have a little fun, for my clients, but also for myself.

Here is one of the bonus workouts I could give someone who would like to come an additional day during the week.


15 minutes

Prowler for 1minute

10 Barbell thrusters

Rest as needed only.


15 minutes

Rower 300 meters

Assault bike 10 calories

Rest as needed


15 minutes

As many toes to bar as possible

Rest as needed.

Simple but very effective. Each one of the stations can be put into a whole workout of 45 minutes or use each of them as a single finisher at the end of the workout. What is great about these workouts is that improvements are seen weekly as you can put in more work with less rest as you get better and better.

Coach Eric

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