Defending balance

You hear all kinds of advices. Train more, eat less, eat more because you train more, etc.  Here’s some truths about it all.

You will train 6 days a week

Yes, the basic rule of training regularly stays. However, the problem is that if you can’t match your habits with the plan, you will fail. Which leads me to my next point.

You will eat 6 times a day

One of the first habit that you must understand is that if you are willing to train often, as much as 6 days a week, you’ll have to eat as if you do so. Training often needs some serious fuel and you will also have to recuperate harder than you train. However, the ability to eat often is not given to everyone since intestinal and digestion issues might come and rear its ugly head. If you ate twice a day, aim for 3 to 4 small easily digested meals a day. As with training, nutrition has to be taken with baby steps.

You will eat only two meals a day

This is where the shit hits the fan. Most people think that you have to hit a caloric deficit to lose fat. There are exceptions to this rule and it could get complicated since no one is the same. I’ve seen people lose weight by eating more and obviously, some by eating less, usually less crap. Remember this, you are the reflection of your last 3 months dietary habits!

Yet again, the nutrition plan has to fit with the lifestyle and training plan. If you have never trained before, and ate on average 2 meals a day, starting with a plan that makes you train 6 days a week and makes you eat 6 times a day is beyond stupid. You can’t learn to run before you walk.

Coach Eric

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