Ultimate glutes/posterior chain workout

Here is a quick workout that could be done twice a week and could be well incorporated into a leg workout as well.

A1 Barbell back squats 1 ¼ x 10 tempo 4110 rest 15 seconds

A2 Med ball walking lunges x 10 each leg rest 120 seconds

4 sets

The back squat 1 ¼, go all the way down to a full range squat, go back up ¼ of the way, back down and up for a full rep range. The walking lunges must be performed while holding a heavy medicine ball to the chest. Alternate A1 and A2.

B1 Stiff legged deadlift DB x15 tempo 2020 rest 15 seconds

B2 High step ups (knee level) x 20 tempo 1010 rest 15 seconds

B3 Leg press high feet x50 tempo 2020 rest 90 seconds

4 sets

Repeat B1 to B3 consecutively with the suggested rest period for best results.


Coach Eric

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