Tips for buns of steel

1. Meet your daily protein goal. Guys should aim at 1 to 1.5 gr of protein per pound and girls should go for .75 to 1gr per pound (of body weight). I’ve found that when protein is lacking, the glutes are the first to go.

2. Posture and structural balance. Don’t just train the glutes to get a “round behind”, you need to train the quads and hamstrings as much as you train the gluteus maximus.

3. Unilateral work is the bomb. It’s hard, yes, but it really gives the most bang for your buck. Split squats and lunges not only target the glutes properly, but also fix unilateral discrepancy.

4. Metabolic costs. Speaking of most bang for your buck, would you rather do the hip extension/flexion machine that most ladies like or the Bulgarian split squat (back foot elevated)? I am sure you said the first one, and that’s the problem. Everyone goes for the easy stuff because it is less demanding. However less demanding also means fewer results.

5. Lift heavier or go home. Yes ladies, you have read right. Go HEAVY! The gluteus is one of the strongest muscles of the body, so the little weighted aerobic bar will do zilch, niet, nada, nothing!! Lift heavy and keep your exercise technique as perfect as possible.

Coach Eric

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