Timed sets

I get bored very fast with my workouts. When I do, and when I don’t feel like thinking too much, I just choose a few exercises and go at it for a given amount of time instead of the regular textbook sets and reps scheme. This increases the amount of work tremendously and can be used for hypertrophy or for fat loss.


A1 Incline 30° close grip db press x 4

A2 Supinated grip chin-ups x 4

25 minutes


There are a few ways to do it, one of which would be to use a weight you can easily do 6 to 8 reps with each of these exercises, but only do 4 reps. There should be minimal rest between the press and the chin-ups as you keep alternating them non-stop. You’ll obviously feel the effect of cumulated fatigue towards the end so rest accordingly. The ultimate goal would be to do more sets for the same amount of time or increase the weight to do the same amount of sets next time. For fat loss, I would superset an upper and lower body exercise. This was proven to increase growth hormone production due to the higher lactate production of such type of workout.


Coach Eric

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