The simplest solution
I often see posts about how to make it easier, how one single exercise can be the end-all solution or how this one supplement can give you all the results you want. They all have one goal in mind, make you read their post and get your attention. They push on the button of “giving you what you want fast”; a simple human behavior as common as Oprah losing and gaining back weight.
Then there will be the guru. You tried what they preach and get crazy results and fast. All you end up doing is telling everyone how good he or she is. After a couple of weeks or so, its not working like it did and you start thinking that it might have been the placebo effect. That so-called guru lost your respect and you start doubting everything he/she says.
Well this is what I call a simple mind's way of life. This kind of behavior suggests that looking at the world through a straw is the absolute, which we all know is never the case. It also suggests that you can glide through life and any hardships you might encounter with little or no effort on your part, as long as you take the easiest road and be comfortable during your efforts.
Let’s go back to our guru. He told you what you wanted to hear right? When you Google most efficient workout, you get results like "20 best exercises" or "the single best exercise you need to do". Why don't we all do what they say and stop wasting time with everything else?
If only it was that easy… ANYTHING in life lasts for only a short while, especially when it comes to health and conditioning. The body will adapt to any stress you give him. You just can't expect getting constant results with one single exercise; the same principle applies for a program, a diet and a lifestyle. The body will adapt positively and negatively.
Positive adaptation: Into the first few weeks, you see progression, you feel great about it and you start thinking you may have found a gold mine. Mind is fresh since you are motivated and just can't wait for the next workout.
Negative adaptation: After the first few weeks, it seems like you are stuck on a plateau and you can't figure out the problem. Maybe your joints hurt, you feel a bit weak, you lose motivation and so on. If it worked for a couple of weeks, maybe you just need to push and go harder. Does not work and you start losing it.
Our body craves for change. Although having a routine is always a good thing, getting out of it can push your boundaries. Start with one routine, follow a certain lifestyle and wait for it... Wait for it... Listen to your body. He speaks louder than words. Don't listen to what you friends say. Their habits and lifestyle are not the same. Twins can follow the same lifestyle, diet and program with a totally different outcome, even though they are almost as genetically identical as anybody can be on this planet.
Strive for constant results and as soon as you start to stagnate, move on and go on to another challenge. You don't need to have the mindset of Greg Plitt, but if you don't wait for it to get easier, you can't go wrong. When you see some great advice, always keep in mind that none of them will lasts or might not even work for you. Trial and error is a fact of life. Just the simple fact of understanding what you are doing can have the biggest impact on the outcome.
The simple minds will look for the easy way out, great minds will thrive on constant results. Which one are you or would you rather be?
Coach Eric

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