Small changes causes big improvements

If you are looking at losing some unwanted body fat but seem to be locked onto a plateau, sometimes, all you need is some little tweaks to bust through it. One thing is for sure, if your body is stuck on that dreaded plateau, it is without a doubt, his way of trying to regulate and to say; ok here is the situation, I need to put more energy there, save some here, improve mental sharpness, manage cortisol, etc. Let him do his thing. In other words, don’t change up too much since it is already somewhat of a stress on the body. See it as a good thing, your body is telling you something. Be patient. For now, focus on staying on the right track, that is it.

To keep moving, try some small but subtle changes such as these:

1. You are doing long steady pace cardio 5 times a week?

Change for 3 bouts of interval training (HIIT) such as Tabatas.

2. You Cheat 2-3 times a week?

Drop down to one for a little while. See how your body reacts and add one more if you still see the numbers go down.

3. You have been low carbs for a while?

Increase it by 50gr a day.

4. Are you eating 6 times a day?

Try intermittent fasting 2-3 times a week. Give a rest to your digestive system.

For any of those changes to be worth your while, you have to maintain them for at least 3 weeks. Assess and correct the aim if needs to be.

Coach Eric

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