Sleds and prowlers

These are probably the best and most versatile pieces of equipment. They allow lateral work (and do this way better than any speed ladders), heavy pushes, belted, plus they are effective for speed, rehab, sport specific, etc. There are no real critical or faulty techniques to consider. So the amount of work and intensity you put in will be directly correlated with your results.

I love to use strongman equipment for finishers. Sometimes, when pressed for time and the inability to come more often than desired to the gym, we include strongman finishers. 10 to 15 minutes of metabolic work to finish off a workout helps fat loss progress and for BJJ, I use it for cardio vascular training grip strength maintenance. Here are a few tips to maximize those small but deadly sessions. -

1. Even though the goal is fat loss, heavy sets with low reps and shorter rest intervals will do the job. Aim for quality over quantity, especially under fatigue.If you want to train speed, the sled has to move fast. Makes sense no?

2. For end of workout finishers, stick with prowlers, sleds, sandbags and anything not too taxing for the nervous system such as heavy tires, stones, and yokes. Keep in mind that you just worked out, so your nervous system is not as fresh.

3. If you still choose to do it, use the heaviest and more complex lift at the beginning of the finisher, such as tire flips or logs. You could do it at the end, which inevitably makes it tougher, but you may be at risk. The goal is fat burn, not a herniated disk.

There are many ways and more tips in my upcoming book on strength and conditioning for grappling sports ROLL Strong(er).

Coach Eric

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