Life is anything but static. All of our systems are under constant attack. And this onslaught is not limited to environmental toxins, such as xenoestrogens. Even beneficial activities, such as exercise, are major stressors on the body and require proper healing and nutrition. Fortunately, ATP has created Trans Resveratrol 99%. This potent polyphenol compound is a type of phytoalexin, a substance produced by a plant’s defense system during times of environmental stress, attack, or disease. Grapes and red wine are the most potent sources of resveratrol, which has now been isolated and concentrated in ATP’s Trans Resveratrol 99% supplement. But our product is hundreds of times more powerful than a whole bottle of red wine!
Why should you care about this plant compound? It can help you get maximum training results. Resveratrol plays many roles. It boosts immunity while inducing nitric oxide synthase. It also increases both norepinephrine and serotonin while inhibiting the neurotoxic effects of amyloid-beta protein. But, most importantly, it plays an optimal health hat trick by being an estrogen antagonist, a testosterone booster and a fat blocker.
Elevated testosterone levels help create more lean muscle mass—the very reason we train. However, using artificial means to increase testosterone often leads to detrimental long-term effects, including a cessation of endogenous testosterone production and an increase in testosterone-to-estrogen conversion via aromatization. The good news is that resveratrol can act as an aromatase inhibitor, allowing your body to conserve the testosterone it already has. In addition, it may naturally facilitate the body’s increased production of testosterone without the fear of endogenous shutdown. And, unlike traditional testosterone boosters, resveratrol does not counteract the beneficial effects of estrogen. A certain amount of estrogen is needed to maintain blood vessel integrity. Unfortunately, most performance-boosting supplements are severe estrogen antagonists. This results in several health problems, including compromised heart health and vital capacity. Fortunately, resveratrol not only inhibits further damage, but continues to enhance endothelial function when taken on a regular basis. Finally, resveratrol aids as a blocker of xenoestrogen (the harmful artificial estrogens found in abundance in our modern environment) while also eliminating fat production (by inhibiting the secretion of leptin by adipocytes).
Other benefits of resveratrol, some of which are still being investigated, include relief from chronic fatigue, depression, multiple sclerosis, and trauma-related head injury; increased antioxidant activity (mostly from increased production of superoxide dimutase [SOD]); anti‑cancer activity (including increased production of quinone reductase); attenuation of progressive heart failure (again, due to anti-inflammatory properties that prevent platelets from sticking together); prevention of insulin resistance; and, most importantly, a significant decrease in the inflammatory response that is present not only in athletes, but also in people with heart disease, chronic joint inflammation, and Lyme disease.
There has been some discussion on the anti-aging properties of this potent phytoalexin, ranging from echoes about its protective properties to boasts about its supposed ability to increase life span. This is mostly due to resveratrol’s effect on the sirutin pathway (especially trans‑pterostilbene, the double-methylated form of resveratrol) and its activation of the SIRT1 (sirutin 1) protein, which facilitates fat-burning by inhibiting PPAR-gamma activation. It’s too soon to say whether the praise is warranted, but it’s safe to assume that resveratrol deserves a second look as a potential aid in achieving your  goals.
Stay Healthy, Stay Strong.

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