Your relationship with food is a big part of your goals
I often hear people say they can’t wait to pig out after a few weeks of dieting. As soon as you reward yourself with food it can become a greater problem in the long run…
We give dogs cookies and treats when they behave or perform a given trick. They quickly learn great stuff, but also can become fat and lazy.
Get the message?
Use constructive rewarding. When you reach a short term goal, such as good dieting and training for fat loss, reward yourself with a new bathing suit to wear once you reach your end goal. Buy yourself a new bike to get your ass to the gym, or just something that will help you in many ways.
Buying yourself a king’s meal will make you feel good shortly and will most often take you two steps back from your end goal.
I reward people with great workouts… prowler workouts… or prowler flu… whatever…
Coach Eric

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