Look at your life right now.
Whatever you have produced or done, it came out of you.
It is the result of the kind of person you have become.
It’s the result of your choices, the result of your consciousness.
But let me ask you, are you satisfied with what you have produced? Is this what you want? Would you like things to be better than this?
If you don't know what you are here for, on this earth; what is your purpose or what you have to do. I encourage you, I challenge you, to find out what it is. Find “The why”, the meaning of your life.
Once you find the why, “the will” shows up. You could have all the goals in the world, but when you lose touch with the why, you lose the reason why it all came about. Focus on the why and you'll feed the will.
Have a strong day!
Coach Eric

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