Question of the week ‘’Do I really need supplements?’’

Believe it or not, for the regular Joe’s and those who are new to the strength and conditioning/fitness world, supplements are still taboo and even seen as a type of steroids.

Seriously, the last thing you need to rely on is a supplement. Why? There are no supplements in the world that can replace the food you eat. Mother nature is supplying us with the perfect balance of micro and macronutrients in all the foods we eat, providing that you eat the right foods.

Every time someone steps foot in my office, I go through their nutritional habits and fix the major issues. With few exceptions, I never recommend supplements right away. I want to see how we can influence the body into changes with a few nutritional tweaks. Food is thy medicine. Our body has the incredible ability to heal itself, but again, providing that you give it the right type of food. The further down the rabbit hole, the harder and longer it will be to make a comeback and see great results.

After the first few sessions, I would add the essentials, Omega Pure (omega 3’s), Total defense (multivitamin) and maybe some Enzymatic control, after testing, if they need some digestive support.

Unfortunately, with the bad quality of the soil (lacking minerals) and industrialization, the food we eat is not what it used to be. In my honest opinion, supplements should be used according to your own protocol, not because someone has seen great results using some type of fat burner.

Coach Eric

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