Not so usual suspects of weight gain

1. Sleep! I know, the subject always comes back. We are starting to get used to it. Not that unusual right? Unfortunately, it still is the main issue most people fail to prioritize! First, set the mood prior to bed. Leave all electronics away! You have no idea how social media or blue screen time wires you up. Second, take OPTISOM pronto! It lowers cortisol, relaxes the mind and body like no other supplements. Last, but not least, points 2,3,4 and 5 will improve sleep as well, read on.

2. Hidden calories. Most people think that they can go out eating in restaurants and be smart by choosing healthier items on the menu. The truth is that you get, for the same meal that you would make yourself at home, an average 300 to 400 more calories. Why? Always more fats and oils.

3. Delusional (ism). Most people think they train hard enough. The problem is that we always do what we are comfortable doing, for far too long. Our brain is wired to go towards the easiest ways. Change it up, challenge yourself to keep results coming.

4. Intolerances. The same goes for food. We always eat the same foods. It has been said that we gravitate around the same 7-8 items. Always eating the same type of foods, especially if the body starts triggering a stress response or inflammatory response to it will impair your ability to lose weight. Another type of stress to add to your daily regimen, no one needs more stress. Rotate foods and explore to eliminate food intolerances.

5. Definition. We each have our own definition of what healthy means. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? I eat proteins at every meal. Some are afraid to eat red meat more than twice a week because they are scared of cancer when most of us know that the “cancer and red meat study” was the shittiest study ever done. Educate yourself, read more, and just don’t rely too much on Google as your definitive source of information.

Coach Eric

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