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I’m a new mom and a retired Canadian National Figure Competitor. I am a certified personal fitness coach and health nutritionist. My main field of knowledge and interest is Hormonal Health and Weight Loss. I operate a hormonal health, mindset, fitness business in my home/gym/private studio and through an online coaching app. I bring possibility and opportunity to those who need motivation and a lifestyle change through better nutrition, fitness and healthy mindset. My goals are to INSPIRE and TRANSFORM my clients by teaching daily routines and better mindset! I have over 10 years of coaching experience with both women and men within my own practice and I have also competed in eight bodybuilding shows across Canada at the

national and world amateur levels. In the past I also made appearances in health and fitness magazines. I used to run my practice in fitness facilities, however, I recently had my first child, in June 2018. I then created a private studio workout space for myself and my clients. I have been transforming my body through post childbirth workout and better hormonal and mindset health.

Question 1

Lisa: Dreamer

Question 2

Lisa:  Vitamin D3 - Being a new mom, it helps so much with enhancing my mood, energy levels and joint mobility as I continue to recover post-childbirth.

Mind Mag - The sleep deprivation is real having a new baby! Mind Mag has been such a huge support for me and my bedtime routine as it helps me to relax my overall body, fall asleep quicker and get back to sleep again shortly after feeding my baby if he wakes during the night.

Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil - It helped so much with my cognitive health following childbirth. ATP’s Omega 3 helps enhanced my concentration throughout the day. It also helps with fat loss when included in my nutrition and daily exercises plan.

I took these 3 supplements while being pregnant and continue to take them daily for general health and better bodily functions.

Question 3

When did you start your career as a trainer and elite athlete?
Lisa: I started my fitness career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in 2009. My main gig on a week night was teaching aerobic ZUMBA classes. I then got into competitive bodybuilding, in the figure division, in 2012. Later moving up to the higher elite levels of competition from 2014 to 2017, following with opening up my private practice in 2014. Since 2014, I have continued to educate through Holistic Nutritional Education and meeting with clients in my home studio practice and online programming.
Question 4
If you could choose another career or sport what would it be?
Lisa: Swimming! I love water, I love to swim! There is something so liberating about

feeling the water around your body as you swim!

Question 5
What or who made you want to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle?
Lisa: I graduated with a Marketing Graphic Design Degree and I was working for a Canadian Holistic Health & Living magazine. I would design the layout of the health articles and within a few months I got a gym membership (never had one before nor any interest for having one!), because I knew I needed change and to be more active. Then, I started to follow Nicole Wilkins on social media, and I admired her athletic lifestyle. Nicole still inspires me today through fitness and nutrition.
Question 6

Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry or Salted Caramel?

Lisa: Berry (Always)

I love to add fruits like bananas or raspberries to the berry shake as it beats any smoothie on the market for purity and quality!

Question 7
What is your position on the use of illegal or uncontrolled drugs in certain sports such as the fitness world?
Lisa: This is a tough question to answer. I have won my class at National Level Bodybuilding Shows across Canada, but not overall. I specifically remember the top competitor who won overall failing the drug test at a Natural Show. I also remember, the board not calling the next runner up, and therefore not getting rewarded for a real WIN. So, my position on this is very confusing as, I believe it needs to be fair in a situation like that. My position is - the sport should be fair for the Natural Bodybuilding World. Hoping it changes in the future.
Question 8
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Lisa: I wish I could enjoy running. I love the results it brings. As an athlete and trainer, I recommend cardio for certain people with desired goals. However, I can’t seem to enjoy running myself. I never have. It takes some heavy latin club music and pre workout to get me in the mood and maybe feeling guilty about overeating on the weekend.

Question 9

Lisa: My older brother, Scott! Haha! He’s truly been my hero since we were kids. I watched him play hockey, baseball, golf, basketball, being an umpire, a coach, doing play-by-play announcing for OHL and Senior AAA Hockey, the list goes on. My brother has literally inspired me with his athletic drive, energy, strength, willpower, fair play and commitment. I’ve always wanted a slice of his drive!

I also admired CHARLES POLIQUIN. He was my course instructor for Hormonal Balancing and learning about the body’s real underlying issues of WHY people are truly not getting the results they should be. He is dearly missed but will always be remembered.

Question 10
Tell us about your Boss Babe coaching program?

Lisa: My 1 on 1 Boss Babe Transformation Program is a new program offered over a three months commitment of 1 on 1 intensive coaching through daily/weekly talking voice, calls and video. I designed this program to help transform women throughout their entire body, mind and soul. Digging deeper to the underlying issues or hormonal imbalances and mindset awareness. Through personalized nutrition, supplements and exercise, I help women get inspired and make change that lasts and stop the self sabotage that we as women do to our minds. I teach women to TAKE their life back, make daily commitments and routines that help make life better and healthier also for their family. This program helps women reach their BIG goals and bash the negative smaller boxed thinking.

Question 11
What is your favorite song to listen to while training?

Lisa: Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo

Question 12
If you had super powers, what would they be and what would your superhero name be?

Lisa: I would be “Queen”, If I had super powers, and be able to travel and make endless

money at anytime, anywhere.

Question 13
What is your guilty pleasure or favorite cheat meal?

Lisa: Chocolate Cheesecake and tacos

Question 14
What are your personal health goals for this year?

Lisa: To continue working on my post-delivery body with fitness, including a healthy mind and overall better self-care. I just recently had my first baby in June 2018 and I am currently 7 months post child birth. I am excited to see my life grow with our newest member and live my dream life with my husband and son.

Question 15
What do you think of the Canadian fitness scene and what are you most excited about its future?

Lisa: Two Things:

1. The promotion of more healthy hormonal mindful eating rather than unhealthy athletes with a great body.

2. Home Fitness becoming more and more popular. Its easy, convenient and results are achievable and maintainable. And there are so many more benefits.

Question 16
What is the question or fitness goal that all your customers come to see you for?

Lisa: Hormonal Imbalances and Weight Loss. Most of my clients come to me with overall hormonal imbalances and issues like bloating, have gut irritations and irritabilities, allergies, digestive issues, stubborn fat gain, over tired, too stressed and need direction with proper nutrition, supplementation and daily lifestyle routines. I then help customized a personalized plan of approach to get them the results they need to lead and live a better life.

Question 17
We were pleased to see your impressive physical recovery after your pregnancy. Do you have a few secrets to share with women looking for similar results?

Lisa: Under doctor clearance only - My advice is “Don’t stop exercising or eating healthy during your pregnancy. This plays such a huge role in post delivery recovery and overall weight gain. Make sure to get the nutritional supplements / vitamins and foods that you need for you and your baby and this goes for breastfeeding and energy post partum.

Follow the doctor / midwife’s guidelines of recovery and don’t rush the process.

Sleep is essential for post partum recovery, so making SLEEP priority is truly the best advice to pass on to any new or soon to be mother”

Question 18
Do you believe that women are well represented in the sports and fitness industries?

Lisa: I would say in the bodybuilding world they are. I don’t have much of an issue with

that topic to be honest.

Question 19
Now that you are retired from the sport, what do you miss most about being a national figure competitor?
Lisa: The rush of the prep. I always enjoyed the final three months leading up to the shows as the body transforms so much in the final weeks. I miss the show planning and getting organized for the event. It was always fun, a rush of energy and never a dull moment. The stage literally still brings butterflies to my soul, even when I have clients competing at their first show. It is truly amazing the passion I hold for the industry of body transformation and people reaching goals.

Question 20
Why ATP Lab?
Lisa: ATP is amazing, pure, consistent and beneficial for better health, hormonal balance and overall better performance. It helps me daily with energy, stress reduction, sleep and smoother digestive health.
Question 21
What advice would you give to fans who seek a healthy lifestyle?
Lisa: Make a routine. If its a routine you love, can accomplish easily and are excited to do, then you have the answer to transformation.
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