Fruits/Veggies and potassium for IGF-1 and Test levels
It has become more and more apparent that the disappearance of fruit and vegetables from our diet has lowered men's testosterone levels.

I get it. As a trainer, I am often back to back with clients living the life of a "relay baton"- hand off next to next. My go-betweens are often a protein bar while I suck back as much water as possible. Hardly the grass-fed protein with organic veggies that I preach to clients. .that live parallel but different circumstances.

If I can steer them from donuts and coffee we're heading in the right direction but let's read.

Fruits and vegetables are the most important nutritional sources of potassium. In their animal study, Spanish scientists at the University of Murcia wanted to find out the hormonal effects of a low-potassium diet by feeding male mice with very little potassium.

After the mice in the experimental group received the low-potassium feed for 6 days, the decrease in the level of potassium in their blood was significant, but not yet dramatic. Yet the testosterone levels of the animals had already plummeted. Potassium deficiency apparently makes the testes less responsive to LH.

Potassium intake in developed countries is relatively low. According to American scientists, the optimum intake of potassium is 4700 milligrams per day. An epidemiological study from 2012 showed that only 2 percent of American adults actually consume this amount. [Am J Clin Nutr. 2012;96(3):647-57.]

In animal studies, an insufficient intake of potassium sabotages the biosynthesis of testosterone. But that may not be the only harmful hormonal effect of a dietary pattern with insufficient potassium. According to an animal study by researchers at Stanford University in the 1990s, inadequate intake of potassium can also significantly reduce the effect of IGF-1 on muscles. Kidney Int. 1997;52(2):363-70.

My days mentoring under Charles Poliquin were terrific, rife with gems for training, nutrition and more. One of Charles' go to's was the addition of potassium citrate ost workout. Both of us saw an elevation is a response both in performance and clearly recuperation as trainees returned significantly more resilient for subsequent workouts. We had chalked it up to the alkalinizing effect of potassium, but given the above studies and more, it clearly potentiated testosterone and IGF-1 levels.

I moved my clients from using straight potassium to supplementing the PWO shake with ATP LAB's GREENS AND REDS whole food supplements to replace the absent salads and fruits. Beyond supplying the requisite potassium it provided more than four servings of fruits and vegetables per serving. The results were solid.

hope this addition to your PWO shake provides the same lift enjoyed by my clients. Clearly the litany of micronutrients provided will lend to many more healthful outcomes as well.

Always in your corner.

Who loves ya ?
"Coach Mike"

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