Interview Farah Jacques - From Olympian to teacher

Farah Jacques is an Olympic track and field athlete representing Canada and brand ambassador for ATP Lab. She competes in sprint events, mainly the 100m hurdles.

Interviewer: First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your new career choice and wish you all the success you deserve.


1. Interviewer: What made you decide to make a career shift towards education?

Farah: I did my baccalaureate while training towards the Olympic Games in Rio. I did a bit of supply teaching, which allowed me to spend long periods of time out of the country attending training camps. I'm not giving up on going to the Olympics in Tokyo. I am preparing as if they will take place. That said, the onset of the pandemic led me to align myself with something stable and teaching offers me that stability.


2. Interviewer: Of all the subjects, why did you choose to teach math?

Farah: I chose to be a teacher to make a difference in the lives of young people, to motivate them to achieve their dream and never give up. I also remember a high school teacher who took me under his wing and who marked my journey. I in turn want to mark my students and pass the torch of perseverance to them.


3. Interviewer:  From the tracks, to the classroom, and with the new health measures in place due to Covid-19. How do you plan to keep your students focused and motivated throughout the school year?

Farah: For the moment, the measures put in place do not bother the students too much. For the most part, they like to be in school to see their friends. They don't want to stay home and study remotely. So they do what they are told to do to keep the schools open. However, there are more and more restrictions in schools and I find varying your teaching can help to stay motivated.


4. Interviewer: Are there lessons that you have learned as an athlete that you will apply to your new practice?

Farah: To be perseverant!


5. Interviewer: How did the decision of the Olympic committees not to send Canadian athletes to the Tokyo Games affect you?

Farah: It was a real blow to my motivation. No Olympics, no competition, I was a little discouraged, I was not motivated. Athletes always need to set a goal to push themselves to perform. I try to surpass myself all the time so hearing the news was demotivating for me. During this difficult time, I learned to take it one day at a time and focus only on the things that I can control.


6. Interviewer: As a member of our team of pro athletes, do you plan on changing your supplement diet to suit your new career and lifestyle?

Farah: No, I'm going to keep the same supplements I was taking because I continue to train 4 days a week.


7. Interviewer: What ATP Lab products are you currently using?

Farah: Total Defense, SbP protein, IBCAA, Glutamed, Myoprime, Optisom 3.0


8. Interviewer: As a runner, how do you plan to keep things moving in the classroom the way you do on the tracks.

Farah: By staying organized, plan my lessons in advance.


9. Interviewer: How do you plan to deal with difficult students?

Farah: I intend to use the techniques learned in the baccalaureate as well as the resources available in the school.


10. Interviewer: What is the next move we can expect from Farah as an athlete?

Farah: On the road to Tokyo2021


Full Radio Canada Interview:

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