‘’What is the biggest mistake people do at the gym?’’

Question of the week

‘’What is the biggest mistake people do at the gym?’’

Actually, I will give you two of them.

First, GYM ADD; it’s real. To workout, no one should bring his or her phone. Too many distractions. Gains can’t wait but your friends can for an hour. There is also no compiled statistics that correlate posting that you are at the gym doing a beast mode workout and the gains you will gain from it. Concentrate on the task at hand.

The second mistake most people do is repeating the same workout over and over again. The workout that gave you the best results will never give you the same results afterward. Change it, tweak it around, manipulate the reps and sets, but never do the exact same thing. The first rule in training is accommodation. The body adapts quite rapidly to a given stimulus by getting stronger. If you keep lifting or pushing the same weight, you might progress, but you’ll never hit the mark.

Coach Eric

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