Workout from hell

What is your definition of working hard? A tough workout?

It might be murph, it might be 10x10, it might be a sparring session with Mike Tyson or a Zumba session with your favorite teacher. We all have our definition of a tough workout. If you never had the experience of going through hell, this workout would probably be close to it.

Set up a barbell in a squat rack, put a weight that you can’t lift more than 10 reps, a true 10 RM weight. Don’t squat yet. Set up another barbell that you can’t raise more than 10 reps on the Romanian deadlift. Than, set up a barbell bench press with a weight you can push up for about 15 reps, but no more.

You are all set. Grab that barbell on the squat rack and crank out those 10 reps, slow and steady, but the deal is to do another ten reps. Never rack the barbell, just keep going until you reach a complete 20 reps. I don’t care how long it takes, you don’t rack the bar until you did 20 reps. Once you are done, go right away on the barbell Romanian deadlift and do the exact same thing. Crank out 10 reps, plus another 10 reps. Again, you don’t stop until you get to 20 reps, I don’t care how long it takes. Once you are done, go on the bench press, crank out 10 reps, slow and controlled reps. When you are done, in the pull up station, grab that bar and crank out 15 reps of pull ups. If you can’t do it, do as many reps as possible until you reach 15 reps using the rest pause principle. Do 5, stop 5 seconds, do another 3reps, stop 5 seconds, and so on.

This will probably be a workout you’ll remember.

Coach Eric

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