Why protein?

Protein, protein, protein! Why so much emphasis on protein? Actually, one of the most underestimated nutrients is protein! Most people eat the daily requirement of a squirrel. My guess would be that they listen to the scare tactics of hardcore vegans, big media and tabloids stars and their so-called diets. You see, other people’s way of life might be your poison, and vice versa. When someone comes to see me, I see what can be an issue and change it, reassess after a few weeks and if progress is there, I’m all for it. To date, I’ve never had bad results by making people get their daily minimum amount of protein, which the baseline requirement for guys should be around 1 to 1.5 g protein/kg per day and girls, .8 to 1.2 g protein/kg per day.


How do you define results and progress by simply increasing protein? Let’s look at the benefits;


Studies show that protein is by far the most filling. It helps you feel more full with less food. This is partly because protein reduces your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin.


Protein is a building block to build and preserve your hard-earned muscles.


People who eat more protein tend to maintain bone mass better as they age and have a much lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures.


High protein intake may boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day.


Protein can help your body repair after it has been injured, as it forms the main building blocks of tissues and organs. Numerous studies demonstrate that it can help speed up recovery.


Eating more protein may reduce cravings and desire for late-night snacking. Especially having a high-protein breakfast may have a powerful effect which I often speak about in our blog.


So here you go! Make sure you get your minimum daily requirement and gain all the benefits from it.


Coach Eric

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