Question of the week  ‘’What is the best diet?’’

If you told me that you tried them all, my answer would be the one you never tried. If you tried them all and obviously failed to stick to any of them it, maybe you don’t do it for the right reasons.

The first mistake people do is try a diet to lose weight. ALL diets can make you lose weight. It’s very simple. You ate crap before and suddenly you take out the crap and start eating well. POUF! You start to lose weight. Less calories bro! Calorie deficit for the win, or fat loss in this case.

The problem comes after the first 10 pounds, which are mostly water and maybe some fat. The first two or three weeks is the honeymoon. Three weeks passed, shit hits the fan and here come the cravings, low energy and tons of coffee needed to get through the day.

What’s the biggest issue here? Most people fail to match their habits with their new diet, whatever diet it may be. You can’t expect to go out and have 2-3 drinks and try to burn it off the next day. You can’t expect to eat those gluten sugar free cookies every single night because “it’s better than Oreo’s” and still see progress. You can’t expect to lose fat when you are on a 1000 calories diet and train 5 days a week, 2 hours a day, even though the goal is a “calorie deficit”.

All diets have the same principle: cut the crap. Eat what your body needs, with nutrient rich foods and you’ll reap the rewards. Yes, it is that simple.

Coach Eric

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