What is Peak ATP?
Peak ATP is a clinical form of Adenosine Triphosphate  - Adenosine triphosphate is your body’s primary source of energy which means that it fuels everything you do from walking up stairs to performing at the highest level.


Benefits & Functions

Benefit; Increases Total Strength Strength is the foundation of all physical pursuits. Increasing strength relative to your chosen goals will drive you closer to achieving them, the only problem is that getting stronger isn’t exactly easy.
Function; How does Peak ATP increase strength? Your body already produces ATP in its muscle cell however, it doesn’t produce a great deal of it. Peak ATP increases total strength by providing a source of ATP in the bloodstream which allows you to lift heavier weights for more reps which leads to an increase in strength.
Benefit; Increases power output Power is the rate at which you can develop force. Power is also what separates the elite from the rest in many physical pursuits, have you ever watched in awe as an Olympic Weightlifter launches a weight over their head at breakneck speed? Perhaps your jaw hit the floor when you see a running back explode through tackles? What you are watching is power in action and Peak ATP can help you develop your own explosive power.
Function; How does Peak ATP increase Power? Peak ATP increases the efficiency of muscular adaptations to training, this leads to greater connections within the muscle and the increased potential to produce force at greater speeds.
Benefits; Increases Blood Flow Blood flow is a vital bodily function that contributes to numerous bodily processes including cell growth and oxygen supply. Peak ATP can increase blood flow which plays a key role in the clearing of metabolic waste products, lactic acid, and muscle growth.
Function; How does Peak ATP Increase Blood Flow? Peak ATP increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels. When muscles are fatigued the red blood cells release ATP into the blood, this process relaxes the vascular muscle and leads to an increase in blood flow.
Benefit; Reduces Muscular Fatigue Muscular fatigue is what stops from you from hitting your prescribed reps and missed reps don’t build muscle! Peak ATP can aid in reducing muscular fatigue during exhaustive anaerobic  exercise and lead to greater output.
Function; How does Peak ATP reduce Muscular Fatigue? Peak ATP can reduce muscular fatigue by increasing blood flow and vosalidation, these two processes are key drivers of the recovery process as they allow more nutrients and oxygen into the muscle.
Benefit; Increases Lean Body Mass Peak ATP has been shown to increase muscle mass and thickness.Building muscle mass can be hard work and once you have your training and nutrition on point it’s time to start focusing on what supplements you can add to your regime that have been scientifically proven to deliver results and avoid the products that are all hype.
Function; How does Peak ATP increase Lean Body Mass? Peak ATP increases LBM by enabling you to perform more volume in your training and volume is one of the key factors that drives muscle growth. Volume must increase over time if gains are to be made and Peak ATP can ensure that you are able to do exactly that.
Benefit; It’s completely safe to use. The benefits of Peak ATP may have the more sinicaly minded among you waiting for the side effects or downsides. The truth is that Peak ATP is completely safe to use and is not on any banned substance lists.
Function; How is Peak ATP completely safe to use. Oral ingestion of Peak ATP has been observed to be safe in clinical studies on both animals and humans with no side effects shown.

How to get your daily dose of Peak ATP

MyoPrime by ATP labs contains a clinically effective dose of 400mg of Peak ATP. MyoPrime is an advanced creatine formula that goes beyond the standard creatine monohydrate formulas on the market. The ingredients in Myoprime have been carefully chosen on not just their own efficacy and merit but on their synergy as the one formula in order to deliver a product that enhances strength, power, exercise performance, recovery time and cognitive function.

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