Track day

There are days that getting inside to do a workout, no matter how dedicated you are, especially when it is so nice outside, you just don’t feel like it.

Well, sprinting might just be the answer for you on those beautiful days. First, sprinting triggers the fast twitch fibers of the lower body. Perfect for hypertrophy gains. Studies show that sprint training can increase muscle size and strength. Also, it increases protein synthesis and growth hormone production, essential for recovery and growth.

Bonus benefit of sprinting is that it also burns fat! Studies show that not only does it helps to burn fat during training (obviously) but also, post workout. Excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC) is how many calories you continue to burn after you finish exercising. Sprinting does just that! It boosts EPOC levels without putting the body at risk of protein breakdown.

Now, Sprinting is great if used efficiently. Here is a short workout based on distance while on a track.

Pre warmup

Knee ups, side shuffles, walking lunges


4 sets of 100m walk, 100 m jog, increasing intensity each jog.


5 sets of sprinting starts (25 meters) (3 minutes rest between)

4 x 100m (rest as needed in between)

1 x 400 meters (for fun)

Short but deadly! You’ll get to work on your anaerobic alactic and lactic systems. Prepare to be sore.

Coach Eric

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