Summer challenges

These can be finishers, complete workouts or just plain hypertrophy protocols. One who needs to step it up a notch can take it as a great challenge. Enjoy the pain! Fun times ahead.

100 reps pull ups challenge

Pull ups are definitely the black sheep of the bodybuilding world. Only the truly dedicated include them regularly in their workouts. This is how you can step it up a notch. Do as many reps as possible, wait as long as you need, and keep going until you reach 100. Record the time it took you to do it and try to beat yourself the next time.

Suicide sprints

I love to go outside, especially to train on a track or a football field. Use the goal line as your starting point. Sprint to the 10-yard line and come back. Don’t stop. Run to the 20-yard line and come back. Don’t stop. Run to the 30-yard line and sprint your ass off back to the starting line. It is simply a touch and go.

Done? Good, that was the first set. Do at least 3 to 4 sets with complete rest in between or for a greater challenge, rest only 2-3 minutes depending on your cardiovascular abilities.

400 split

This one is a great way to work on building your lactic acid threshold. On a track, run for 300 meters at 90% of your maximum effort. Rest for a minute. Then run the last 100 meters at 100%. The minute rest prior to the final 100 meters will let the lactic acid build up in your legs before your max effort.

Enjoy the workouts!

Coach Eric

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