What skinny really means.

The way you talk to yourself, your thoughts, can become reality. This is no big news. Unfortunately, the message gets thrown in the garbage really fast due to our society’s standards, which ends up defining our own.

By Webster’s definition, skinny means “lacking sufficient flesh: very thin: EMACIATED” or “lacking usual or desirable bulk, quantity, qualities, or significance”.

This is exactly what most girls are saying to themselves daily. ‘’I would love to be a little bit skinnier’’ which is not a problem per say, but the problem lies in the message that is driven into the younger generation.

You can be skinny and fat at the same time, which is a way bigger problem than just being fat. I’ve seen fat people by society’s standards that are in great health. In both situations, the problem lies in what is coming ahead. You can feel great, while being skinny and/or fat, but the cost outweighs the possible outcome years ahead.

Define your reality as someone who wants to be healthy, for years to come. Healthy means strong bones. To have strong bones, you need to be active. To be active, and reap the rewards, you need to eat well. Which is another problem if you follow society’s standards. Educate yourself so you can make better choices. If you educate yourself, you’ll know that skinny does not actually mean healthy. Be strong, be active, do it for health’s sake, the rest will come.

Coach Eric

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