Shape your environment.

“If you don’t shape your environment, your environment will shape you.” –Benjamin Hardy, author of the book “Will power doesn’t work”.

Losing fat or gaining muscle mass or just plain happiness are not only matters of diets, training protocols and supplements. You must be in the right environment. If you are surrounded with people who eat junk and don’t care about their health, you’ll have the hardest time getting back in shape. If your pantry is full of junk, forget about losing weight.

One lesson I learned very quickly is that if you are the smartest person in the room, you are doing something wrong. In fact, you are the reflection of the five persons you hang around with the most. It’s a hard reality.

If you want to improve your mental health, physical shape or family life, you must create the environment that will make these areas of your life flourish.

You want to look like a fitness model? Stop doing Zumba.

You want to gain muscles? Train with someone who is bigger and stronger than you.

You want to be happy? Stay away from losers.

You want to improve your financial health? Keep reading…

You know that thing you always wanted to do? Do it. Find something you are passionate about and live through it. That passion will carry itself into many areas of your life. Let the magic happen. Just do it.

Coach Eric

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