Questions from your trainer

When you hire a trainer, there will be the obvious questions like your fitness level and health concerns. But to dig deeper into your soul and goals, we might ask some deeper questions like:

1. What are your top priorities at the moment?

This is a way to figure out what is your passion, if you are driven towards something, a goal or a reason. Then we can figure out how to fit your new healthy habits into your priorities.

Making people understand that having healthier habits can have a major impact on undergoing priorities is just a bonus and it makes it easier to fit them in. It’s just a no brainer and easier to sell.

2. What do you see when you stand in front of the mirror?

Self image and love is the basis of all human emotion. Unfortunately, it’s a lost art. It’s like when you meet someone you haven’t seen in ages, you ask about the job, family, money, cars, house, anything he or she “have”. But no one ask: “Are you truly happy?” You would be surprised at how many people, even though they’re in great shape, are not happy and always nitpick at something they don’t like about their bodies.

Understanding the reasons why you want to start working out is very important. The goal is to help you think more critically about yourself, with no false ideas and have a positive mindset about your physical state.

I have found that the way we first know our clients is only as good as the questions we ask them. Answer them as truthfully as you can, your results might depend on it.

Coach Eric

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