Question of the week - What is the best diet for fat loss?
‘’What is the best diet for fat loss?’’
Although I would love to guide you towards the best diet or tell you that a type of diet is great for given individuals, I can’t. In fact, they all work, given that you give them a real try.
Let me give you a little tip. Those incredible transformation you see, the before and after pics, always have a backstory. The worst their habits and nutrition were before, the better the story and the improvements, and in record time.
It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that once you incorporate great health and nutrition habits into a lifestyle, nothing but good results can come out of it.
So almost any plan can work. The truth of the matter is that weight loss is systemic. It’s multifactorial, an ensemble of factors and elements that can trigger fat loss such as exercise, nutrition and healthy habits. The aim is to create the perfect balance between the three and weight loss is the outcome, for any given diet. No matter how good the diet, if habits and exercise is an issue, the harder it will be to lose weight.
Coach Eric

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