By far, one of the most effective training methods I have been introduced to was Vince Gironda's 8x8. Vince showed us a system simply called 8x8. The underlying tenet was simply to choose three to four exercises per bodypart that would contribute to symmetry of the physique. Perform each for 8x8 keeping rest at 30 seconds or less. Think of it as the predecessor to lactate training for fat loss. A sample chest routine might be:

A1. BB Neck press 8x8 31X0 r 30s B1. 45' Incline flyes (bottom 1/2 only to hold tension)  8x8 2020 r30s C1. Gironda dips: chin on chest, elbows out, chest concave to develop outer pec sweep/ pec width 8x8 2020 r 30s D1. Low pulley cable cross at clavicle height (hold contraction) 8x8 1114 r 30s

NOTE: Vince was never a fan of regular bench as for the average trainee most development occurred in the shoulders not the pecs Now if you take one step back and look at the underlying goal, it was to pursue the "pump". While the weights ended up lighter due to parameters, the net effect was incredible levels of healing circulation delivered to the joints and connective tissues. The training volume still managed to eek out hypertrophy while still burning fat not a bad combo right ? My biggest regret was the loss of Vince and his sage insights my go to now is t ask myself often, "What would Vince do...?" We have the good fortune of being able to enhance the  muscle fiber swelling, hypertrophy stimulating effect of NO or vasodilating supplements. I know for a fact Vince would love the E-NOS regime as both a preworkout if not peri-workout supplement. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that caffeine, ephedrine and all the stimulants tend to be vaso-constrictors while they increase CNS stimulation, they kill the pump with all this constriction. E-nos is for those wishing to maximize pump through the workout- feeding the muscle much nutrients (personally I use a few scoops of IBCAA  peri-workout) So that said what would I do today to build on the iron gurus tenets of success ?
  • Pre-workout 6 caps of E-NOS
  • Peri-workout I would sip IBCAA at least 2-3 scoops
  • 3-4 bodyparts done 8x8 (3-4 exercises) with the intensity described above
If this doesn't drive you to new levels of accomplishments biased as I may be time for a trainer.
All the best "Coach Mike"

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