Optimize Testosterone with T-Alpha

By Dwayne N. Jackson, PhD

Testosterone is an androgenic anabolic steroid hormone that is derived from cholesterol and secreted by the testes and adrenal cortex (in small amounts) in males. A normal healthy young man produces about 7 mg per day, of which less than 5% is derived from adrenal secretions. Testosterone in the blood is largely bound to plasma proteins with only 2-5% present as bioavailable free-testosterone.  Testosterone levels peak between 25 and 30 years of age and decrease by 1-2% per year thereafter. As we age, the amount of testosterone produced gradually decreases to about 50% of young adult levels; however, many environmental factors can prematurely lower the amount of free-testosterone (even in young men).

Hypogonadism in males

Hypogonadism is a clinical condition caused by disturbances in testosterone bioavailability and/or its actions. Hypogonadism may be due to abnormalities of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, testes or target tissues, environmental factors, as well as increases in the amount of testosterone converted to estrogen by aromatase enzyme. Overall, hypogonadal men tend to gain fat mass and lose muscle mass, bone mass, and strength.

Over the past several years, research suggests that testosterone levels in North American men are declining; a result of inactivity, increased body fat, and high levels of psychological stress.

If you are in good shape, you are still not immune from one or more environmental factors that lower bioavailable free-testosterone. In fit individuals, dieting, intense training, and age (if you are over 30) significantly impact free-testosterone levels and testosterone is responsible for maintaining male secondary sex characteristics, as it plays a key role in stimulating protein synthesis and muscle growth. However, even non-athletic men should be concerned with keeping testosterone levels optimized. After all, beyond its potent muscle building effects, testosterone stimulates sex drive, sperm production and maturation, aggression, appetite, physical vigor, and sense of wellbeing.

Supplemental support for hormonal optimization

T-Alpha from ATP Lab is formulated to positively support and optimize the actions of testosterone in males. In an effort to provide the greatest natural support for testosterone production, we formulated T-Alpha by strategically targeting the primary biochemical pathways influencing testosterone’s actions in the body.

Standardization matters!

Many research studies question the efficacy of herbal testosterone “boosters”. The common discrepancy among the science seems to be in potencies of herbal preparations used across different studies. To address this, one study illustrated that the concentration of steroidal saponins in herbal extracts is greatly influenced by the geographical origin and standardization of plant material. At the end of the day, good quality products will always use standardized extracts and report what compound is standardized and to what percentage. Another issue with most testosterone “boosters” is the unreasonable expectation that they will promote unnatural increases in testosterone levels that are comparable to testosterone injections. At ATP Lab we didn’t formulate T-Alpha as a testosterone “booster”, but rather as a supplement to optimize testosterone’s activity in men. In this article, I have highlighted 3 key ingredients in T-Alpha to illustrate our novel approach.

BioResponse DIM®  (diindolylmethane) BioResponse DIM® is also the only microencapsulated formulation of pure DIM. Its patented microencapsulation has proven absorption and benefits demonstrated in independently performed clinical studies.  This proprietary technology is currently the only nutrient delivery method that assures predictable absorption and sustained delivery of diindolylmethane.

BioResponse DIM, has been shown to modify aromatase activity. Aromatases are specialized enzymes that metabolize testosterone to “estrogen”. Although this is a normal healthy process in males, there are many factors (like excessive body fat, stress, poor sleep habits, smoking, alcohol use, etc) can promote increased activity of aromatase, decreased testosterone levels, and increased production of highly potent forms of estrogen.  BioResponse DIM in T-Alpha modifies the enzymes which metabolize testosterone, which decreases estrogen levels and, more importantly, decreases the potency of estradiol produced from testosterone. The result? Healthier hormonal profiles, decreased fat gain, less water retention, more energy, and greater anabolism.

Fenugreek Fenusterols ®

We have also included Patented Fenugreek Fenusterols (standardized to minimum 50% steroidal saponins).  Fenugreek Fenusterols have been shown to inhibit an enzyme called 5-reductase. This enzyme is responsible for catalyzing anabolic testosterone into its more androgenic form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Although optimal DHT is ideal for sex drive and male health, too much DHT (especially in the face of high estrogen levels) is known to promote premature baldness and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH; prostate enlargement). The Fenusterols included in T-Alpha serve to optimize conversion of DHT from testosterone, leaving more bioavailable testosterone around to promote its direct effects on muscle protein synthesis and fat loss.

Tribulus Terrestris

The steroidal saponins of Tribulus Terrestris are considered to be the factors responsible for the biological activity of products derived from this plant. This activity depends on the concentration and the composition of active saponins, the most important saponin for hormonal optimization is protodioscin. Research has shown that administration of Tribulus Terrestris to humans and animals improves libido and sperm production. T-Alpha’s Tribulus has been standardized to 40% protodioscin. Studies have shown that supplementing high levels of protodioscin promotes increased levels of luteinizing hormone, which regulates enzymes that convert androstenedione to testosterone. By supporting LH production, you can rest assured that your body has all the LH it needs to keep testosterone production running at 100%.

How to optimize hormones with T-Alpha

For best results take 4-6 capsules per day, split into 2 doses, take morning and night around meal time.


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