You are not the number on the scale

This goes for all the January resolutions and it is also the number one probable cause for every people who give up training so early. They give all they have right from the start and fail to see the needle move down on the scale. Since they went at it for a good two weeks without seeing any difference, what’s the use? Why go through so much pain and restrictions for no improvement!


Any time there’s a change of physical activity, your body will start storing and using energy differently. Let’s say that in the perfect environment, your body will start using and storing energy. He will also use fat as energy, which is why exercising is essential to losing weight. You also need to create a caloric deficit but only if all elements are met, which is not an easy task in today’s world. So, what could possibly happen when you begin working out? It’s math!


While you burn 4-5 pounds of fat, by lifting weights your body will store energy as glycogen in your muscles. Then, you end up possibly gaining 4-5 pounds of muscle mass. In other words, your original body weight, minus 5 pounds of fat, plus five pounds of muscles, equals no difference.


But you still win! Your body composition will have improved a lot, as well as your health and hormone levels.


What other factors can influence this? Nutrition, sleep, digestion, food quality, exercise, hormones, etc. All these elements need to be working optimally for a long while to get the desired results.


Also, how long have you been holding on to those extra pounds? Six months? A year? It could take you half the time if you do it well. The issue starts once you have reached your goal. If you want to keep the extra pounds away, you need to stick to the program for as long as it took you to lose them. That’s when the real results begin.


Coach Eric

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