No! more is not better!

I love to hear people say they go for 2-hour training every day. Deep down, for the untrained ears, it might sound impressive. In reality, it is just madness. More often than not, they just want to impress. In fact, it is doable, don’t get me wrong but there are a few elements to consider.


There is no way someone can sustain that level of training for more than an hour, a few times a week. So, what it tells me is that the intensity might not be up to par. Maybe they just go about it in the gym and do whatever they like for two hours, which usually turns out to be the easiest things.


Another very important aspect to consider is nutrition. Let’s say that you actually do lift weights for 2 hours, you also must eat accordingly. Believe me, to sustain that kind of intensity, you must eat a boatload of calories a day in, day out.


I just don’t buy it. I always believed in quality over quantity. I’d rather do 4 or 5 workouts a week, for about 30-45 minutes each, than only 1 or 2 long everlasting workouts. The goal will always be to train optimally, not maximally.


Coach Eric

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