Make a plan and go!

What are the two main reasons why people fail any endeavor they choose to pursue?

A lack of defined goals and personalized plan!

“I want to lose weight”, “I want abs” or “I want to get back in shape”. These goals could not be more vague. Losing weight? Losing weight is easy, losing fat needs a plan. You want to be in shape? Round is a shape!

Here are examples of specific goals:

I want to lose 5% of fat in 5 weeks.

I want to gain 5 pounds of lean muscle mass in 3 months.

I want to increase my vertical jump by 2 inches.

Measure everything you need to know now, get it all done, and then set a goal. A simple plan should include a timeline: a start date and an end date with some phases in between. Phases would be determined by how long you give yourself. Obviously, the timeframe must be as realistic as the goals. No one can lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks while staying healthy. Aim at the long-term impacts, not only short-term satisfaction.

Coach Eric

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