Meal Prep, Bone Broth, Probiotics, and fermented foods were making my clients inflamed and fat
Hopefully, the lengthy title grabbed your attention. Clearly, Coaches have to evolve. .we've gone from evolutions in set/ rep protocols to funky training styles, allergy testing and organic acids tests to now checking the genes of our clients so we know what makes them respond best. .it will always be about putting the personal in training. And an industry that moves at lightning speed means Coaches better love reading...
Years back I lost Dad to prostate cancer that moved to the bones. Mum won her battle against breast cancer but had her lymph lines severed in the process. So I was walking around convinced I was a walking time bomb. so I decided to test my genes.
Poliquin had coined a phrase akin to, "Genetics is the gun and the environment is the trigger. Control your environment and take the right supplements and you silence the gene..."
I buckled down and decided to really check my genes. .first via . .then with their data I got both strategene and self-decode to dig deeper...
Hell, I had neither cancer gene but my issue was macular in nature. .so now I take lutein, krill oil and avoid smoke, metals or anything that could affect my ocular integrity. I also had to support my methylation with methylated B-vitamins and my challenged COMT genes - which explained why I bounce out of bed before the alarm but have a busy brain that won't shut up at night. .and I've done the tweaks to address the genes. .and life is better ...much.
So I had 2 competitors (male and female) that dealt with so much inflammation and water retention. .and clearly cortisol signatures in their fat storage patterns- and the secondary aromatization to carb intolerance issues. and they did everything right (traditionally). .they consumed bone broth, had NZ Whey w/ organic chocolate, ate fermented foods like Kombucha, healthy seafood done as ceviche with citrus as the acid to cook, and used vinegars such as apple cider to enhance digestion ...
And despite eating very healthy foods, they both would deal with food intolerances, itchy eyes, skin issues, and often frequent nosebleeds. .they got carsick easily, ringing of the ears, much joint pain, trouble staying asleep and often had to use antihistamines (and there was the tip-off ...)
They were both dealing with a litany of histamine based issues. All those good things spoke of above were, in fact, bad for them as they all increase histamine and these two didn't possess the genetic potential for ease of clearance.
Now I am far from a geneticist BUT I am a proponent of genetic testing so we get a sense- as upstream as possible- from where our hurdles originate. Both had a challenged DAO gene. This gene produces the DAO enzyme found in your intestines, prostate, and kidney and help the body rid itself of excesses.
Histamine is not bad- we need it but it all depends on how much histamine we produce, where it is located and how the rest of our body is behaving in response to it... We want histamine in our digestive tract but not TOO MUCH - excesses trigger our immune system into high gear and we create unbearable levels of inflammation.
The plan was to -Strengthen the gut with glutamine and avoiding allergens that showed via an IgG test -Improve digestion via judicious use of a digestive enzyme complex -Rebuild the microbiome of healthy gut bacteria- avoiding both Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus bulgaricus -Control excess estrogen exposure via avoiding BPA, Parabens, Phthalates and unfermented soy while taking an estrogen control supplement -We made sure of consuming plenty of steamed veggies with protein so as to balance the acidity - We optimized sleep to lessen stress based neurotransmitters: dark room, cool room, hours before midnight, avoid blue light at night, use melatonin, Magnesium glycinate and other sleep supporting supplements. - NOTE: while synthetic antihistamines can work temporarily, we risk the creation of new histamine receptors- so Benalyn for a week but natural histamine mitigators like Vitamin C for chronic use - We used natural sources of calcium and copper to support the functioning of the DAO gene. So kale, broccoli, and watercress along with liver, lentil, and almonds
I was shocked at the significance of avoiding leftovers ( this is known as meal prep in our circles)- the longer they sit, the higher the histamine levels . .so the chicken breasts you prepped on Sunday could be toxic to the wrong person by Friday The judicious reading of which strains are in your probiotic was fascinating . .who knew we had to tailor based on the gene expression . .but doing so makes a good thing work great . .get it ? IgG testing tells us exactly which foods trigger our histamine/ cortisol responses Supporting digestion via enzymes for protein, carbs and fat not only make the food more digestible but also help control intestinal pathogens- a key trigger for this issue Controlling stress: from cognitive self speak to sleep etiquette, gratitude journalling to planning down times . .it was fascinating how effective these practises are If you've been "spinning your wheels" and seem to typify histamine based issues, I urge you to do the genetic testing and apply the "saves" we did with my clients . .only good will come of it.
Who loves Ya ? "Coach Mike"

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