ESTROGENERATION the end of the virile man?

Estrogen is the feminine hormone, right? Not really. While it is predominantly present in women, this hormone or more precisely these hormones are significantly increasing within men. Weight gain, mood swings, infertility, erectile dysfunction, obesity, gynecomastia are all symptoms observed when a man’s hormones are too much affected by the enzyme aromatase which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The same result can also be provided by intoxication to substances called “xenoestrogens”.  The whole phenomenon may have its share of contradiction in the scientific literature and medical community, but it still represents an important and concerning issue.

Modern life brings a lot of new major concerns about hormones. Males are turning slowly into females because of the massive volume and the frequency of the hormonal aggression they face everywhere in their environment. Nowadays, we can speak of a sea of pollutants with “hormonal” or “xenoestrogen” functions in which men are immersed. Hundreds of substances found all around our environment can mimic estrogens and disturb men’s hormonal balance.

To those pollutants, we must add nutrients discrepancies caused by an undermined modern agriculture. Soils are overused and their minerals levels have never been so impoverished. The food they produce is weak and lacks essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium and many more. 

To fight back against environmental aggressions, we need to make better choices. It means stop using plastic bottles, avoid phthalates, choose your detergent and cosmetics wisely, follow a bio-veggies-rich diet, avoid drinking too much alcohol, avoid sugar, etc.

And even if you make all the necessary efforts, reaching an optimal and a balanced level is not simple.

That is exactly the reason why ATP developed Aromatek.


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