Can you control or influence where you will lose fat?

If I had a dollar for each time I saw someone do butt exercises for the purpose of losing fat in that precise area, I would be retired living in some tropical island training jiu-jitsu every single day.


Most people still believe that we can burn the fat off the area we work on. For example, tons of abs can burn fat over the stomach. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be as busy comes January.


It turns out that in a study published in the Journal of strength and conditioning, a group of people did a 12-week exercise program only working on a single leg. In the end, they had actually lost the same amount of body fat on each leg and even around the waist and the upper body.


The lesson learned here is that you must work on the body as a whole to get optimal results. Losing fat needs a systemic approach. All the elements are required in order to put the body into a fat-burning state and they must be constant for a few weeks, even months if you want long-lasting results. This ain’t no short ride.


Coach Eric

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