Change it up, do something you never tried before.

Reduce rest intervals by 10 seconds every week. Most workouts come with rest periods that ranges between 60 and 120 seconds between sets. For a given program, lower the rest times by 10 seconds every week for the next 4 weeks. Strength programs will dig into hypertrophy and hypertrophy programs will go towards endurance.

Take one of your weaknesses; work on it 3 times a week. As for example, the famous calves. At the end of your workouts, stay thirty more minutes to blast your calves into oblivion. Yes, this might mean that you’ll have to spend a little more time in the gym, but it’s a small sacrifice for bigger calves. Here is an example of a three-day calf training.


5 minutes treadmill max inclination, slow walking speed

A unilateral standing calf raise machine 90 seconds between each series.

6 sets 15-12-10-8-8-20

B standing calf raise machine 3x50


5 minutes skipping rope

A1 dorsiflexion x 15, 0 rest

A2 seated calf raise 1 ¼ x 15, rest 90 seconds

6 sets

B leg press calf raise 3 x 50


5 minutes step mill tip of the toes 5 minutes non stop (push on the step for a full bend at each stair)

A unilateral standing calf raise machine 90 seconds between each series.

6 series 15-12-10-8-8-20

B1 leg press calf raise x50, 0 rest

B2 seated calf raise x12 tempo 2420 (4 seconds pause in the stretched position), rest 90 seconds, 4 sets

Coach Eric

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