Best gifts ideas for father’s day

Besides the traditional funny t-shirts with quotes like ‘’’super dad’’ or the coffee mug, ties or bottle of wine, there are always gifts that keeps on giving. Who cares if your dad thinks that you send him “a message’’ by indirectly telling him to start taking care of his health with a gym membership! Even though it might take them out of their comfort zone, it could lead to the beginning of their new life and also, add a few more years to their existence on this very earth.

Here are a few gift ideas for your dads, step dads and friend dads for this upcoming fathers day.

1. ATP supplements gift certificate.

Men’s health needs some good support. Simple supplements such as fish oils and our Total Defense which is in my honest opinion, one of the best multi’s on the market can go a long way for optimal health. Zinc is also a key player for immune function and testosterone regulation. Whatever the goal might be, we have what you need at a reasonable price. We also have nice T-shirts ;)

2. Fitbits are one of the best tools for the tech aficionados. You can track your fitness workouts and results as well as the quality of your sleep.

3. Nutritional consultations can have a major impact and very fast. If they are really willing to make a few changes in their eating habits, this might be the best gift. Small changes can lead to big and long lasting results.

4.  Weights! Obviously! Some can’t afford to go at the gym because of time restrictions or the budget. You can buy some very space efficient free weights such as the Bowflex that goes from 5 to 25 pounds or the Power blocks that starts from 5 to 60, you can even buy the extension which goes up to 100 pounds. I started training in my garage with an old bench and weights from Weider and never stopped since.

5. Polar/watch can increase the intensity of any one’s workout on the spot. If you are used to second-guess the intensity of your cardio, this will bring your dad’s conditioning to another level. As a bonus, the app let’s them record their workouts and a rundown of the intensity they worked in.

Coach Eric

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