Average guy at an Average gym
Here's a great fat burning/muscle building routine ( supplement links at end)
Working at a commercial gym will always come with its' hurdles. From sharing equipment at busy times to the inevitable clients wanting magazine results on a 60 min lunch of course coupled with a hard budget for supplements and no time for meal prep. "I'd still like to compete someday though" and the Coach rolls his eyes discretely "Let's see how this run works for you, we never know until we try".
Don't get me wrong, nothing validates like client results and satisfaction- but the hurdles of average genetics in an average gym means the workouts have to be pretty rough in stimulation and everything else has to be invested in recuperation. Pre-workout kickers give the client a false sense of self and a deeper hole to come out of before the next workout.
I had recently written of my son's incredible success at adding much mass and dropping fat using the old "Breathing Squat" protocols of the Golden Era. My clients, of course, wanted to mimic hoping for the same results. Trouble is kiddo is 23, living at home, gets 9 hours sleep with his mother's genetics of exceptional muscle.
So how did I tweak for the rest of us average Joe's to kick butt but recover?
One of the biggest hurdles a commercial gym trainee faces is the "geography of training" - staying put so you don't lose your equipment. Poliquin 6-12-25 protocols calling for a Leg Curl, RDL and Standing Good morning indisputably work. .BUT not when other members ruin your rest periods and more taking your equipment in your absence.
So what did we do?
Day 1,3 and 5 A1. Smith Machine Squats 5x25 2120 rest 10s A2. DB Cross Bench Pullovers 5x20 2020 rest 90s B1. Smith Machine Bent Over Rows 4x12 2020 rest 10s B2. Elevated Pushups on same bar 4x12-20 31X0 rest 60s C1. Smith Machine RDL's 4x12 4010 rest 10s C2. Fat Man Pullups under same bar 4x12-20 2020 rest 60s That's it for day one. Every guy was dripping in sweat feeling every inch of the body. Days 2 and 4: token delt/ arm work to calm their fears of adequate stimulation. A1. Assisted Dips 5x12 3210 rest 10s A2. Standing DB Hammer Curls 5x8 1014 rest 60s B1. Assisted Chins 5x12 4010 rest 10s B2. Overhead DB French Press 5x8 3210 rest 60s C1. DB Side Lateral Raises 5x12 2020 rest 10s C2. DB Delt Press (same weight as C1) 5x12-20 4010 rest 60s Now I realize this is a lot of Smith Machine 3x/week but for the average guy with motor moron reflexes, this can actually provide the guide to hit the muscles they want. We're not chasing "functionality" we're chasing a beach body with some bulges in the right place. We can do all the kneeling landmine delt presses, trap 3 raises and cross body TVA chop patterns later. Right now most trainees don't give a ... well ... you know.
As for supplements, I really like promoting the pump. Beyond accelerated nutrient delivery, the mirror really does motivate more than all the scientific jargon you wish to lecture your client with. I use: E-nos (6-10 caps) 1 hr before the workout. During the workout, I like to aid work capacity with BCAA drinks- sipping throughout. I use: IBCAA (3 scoops in ice water)
Post workout I am all over aiding recuperation as much as possible. Don't count on Joe Average running to the organic salad bar and consuming grass-fed beef and omega 3 free range eggs. Keep it simple for them and they will love you for your empathy. I use: NZ Whey ( 2-3 scoops) Myoprime (2 tsp) Syner-C ( 2 caps) - drives down cortisol Adrenergik ( 2 caps) - help those pooped adrenals
There's beauty in simplicity and hopefully, these workouts deliver for you as much as my client base. Copy it, steal it, own it, tweak it, but be sure to share it. When the tide rises, all boats benefit.
Who loves ya? "Coach Mike"

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