Arms workout, variations on a theme

You don’t need much to get a decent workout in. Sometimes, being injured doesn’t mean that you have to stop training completely. You can pick two exercises that you can do without any discomfort and pick 2 of your favorite principles and work on them. Here is an example with some basic equipment.

A1 Low pulley frenchpress 1 ¼

A2 Scott curl 45’

4 sets of 8 reps, tempo 3110, rest 90 seconds between sets

B1 Low pulley frenchpress x10 no rest

B2 Lying extension low pulley x10 rest 60 seconds

4 sets, tempo 3020

C1 Pronated grip scott curl barbell x10 no rest

C2 Standing barbell x10 rest 60 seconds

4 sets, tempo 3020

D1 Rope pushdown x15-20, rest 30 seconds

D2 Standing pronated grip barbell curl x15-20, rest 30 seconds

4 sets, tempo 2020

Full workout with minimal equipment that most gym have. You can keep the results coming even though your range of motion might be limited.

Enjoy the gains.

Coach Eric

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