5 training lessons for the 40+

Generally, we hear about the famous "mid-life crisis" between 40 and 50 years old. I thought it would not affect me. I told myself it was only for those who are not healthy. When I look back, I think I was in denial and even though I felt a little different, less motivated and less energized, I kept pushing the limit as if I was still 25 years old.

Problem was that I had just crossed the 40 mark...

I am constantly surrounded by people between 25 and 30 years old. I train and fight almost every day with youngsters around 25. The old man needs to prove what he preaches. The pride in the training room, even if we try our best to leave it at the door, is inevitably present in several workouts.

I learned a lot in the past two years. I learned a lot about myself, and what I learned, I integrated into many programs and lifestyle guidelines for my clients who are in the same situation.

So here are the 5 most useful tips for maximizing your workout results and achieving your goals.

1. Decluttering

What is the relationship with training?

When you have a thousand things on your mind, can you really give 100% to

your priorities, your health and your training? Free yourself from unnecessary things and thoughts. You have bills to pay? Pay them! You have calls to return? Do it. Stop procrastinating. These small things and those innocuous thoughts that weigh on your mind builds up stress. Free your mind and your results will speak for themselves.

2. Volume

We accumulate knowledge and experience. This experience allows us to be more effective with our training approach. This experience has also conditioned our nervous system unless you abused it too much.

Hence, you do not need as much training volume to get the same results as when you began. One reason is that your ability to recover gradually fades with age. Even if the volume of training is different for everyone, it is recommended to do between 12 and 16 sessions per month for strength and between 16 to 24 sessions per month for hypertrophy.

3. Time

The duration of your training sessions should not exceed 60 minutes. More than that, no matter how good you feel, you start digging into your reserves and your cortisol level may increase after just a few sessions. Welcome to the world of accumulation. Too much accumulation leads to overtraining and after a few intense sessions, your workouts will suffer. You will see your weights stagnate and even decrease.

4. Customize

You do not need to eat and supplement yourself like an athlete if you are not. On the other hand, personalizing your supplement and nutrition protocol for your needs is the way to go.

5. What you read may not apply to you.

Many athletes train in different ways and with incredible intensity. Must I also remind you that most of them don’t have children and don’t do a job that requires a significant workload?

To maximize your results, invest in a reputed and reliable coach who can provide you with a program and tips that target your needs and goals. The return on your investment will be much greater.

Coach Eric

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