NEW LEAN MUSCLE BREAKTHROUGH In Less Than 90 Days You Too Can Be Leaner… Stronger… PLUS Gain 10-15 Pounds Of Rock-Hard Muscle… Guaranteed! Read This Letter Now To Find Out Why The World’s Foremost Expert On Gaining Lean Muscle Mass FAST Is Practically Giving Away His Top 3 “Muscle Laws” Secrets… For 2 weeks ONLY…
Charles Poliquin FROM THE DESK OF CHARLES R. POLIQUIN Do you want to look and feel stronger and more muscular than you are right now?Do you hit the gym and push away your favorite foods, only to see little to nothing for all your hard work? Do you wonder if you’ll ever see your abs, or sport that rock-solid athletic look men and women covet? Let us be honest here: everyone has a body, but few can claim they have a physique… And that’s what you desire: A physique that you can be proud of… that is strong, powerful, lean, and stacked with lean muscle… and the robust health and energy you deserve. And I bet you’re frustrated as hell because you’ve been slaving away for years…maybe even decades… with very little to show for it. If that sounds like you, I have terrific news: You’re not alone… and you’re exactly where you need to be. You see, I wrote this letter specifically for you
The World’s Most Commonly-Asked Question About Muscle Is… As the world’s foremost expert on gaining strength and muscle size quickly, the most common question I’ve received over the past 28 years of working with everyone… from world-class athletes to everyday guys… is this: “I’ve been hitting the gym hard but I haven’t gained an ounce of muscle mass. What gives?” Today I’m going to answer that question…plus give you the secret to gaining more muscle in just 90 days than you’ve gained your ENTIRE LIFE… while you watch your body fat practically vanish before your eyes. YES: you can and WILL do both at the same time… … IF you follow my 3 Muscle Laws covered in this letter… Just Make Sure This Is For You… Maybe you’ve been working away in the gym and trying to stick to some workout you’ve read about in a magazine… Or maybe you’re trying some in-home “insane” workout that a born-fit fitness model is pushing… Even worse: You may be following the advice of a personal trainer. Trust me when I tell you this: The vast majority of trainers out there are genetically gifted athletes who gain muscle FAR easier than you or I ever could… The Secret Is Found Within These 3 “Muscle Laws” You see, I know this because, at the age of 55, I had to figure out exactly how to put on muscle and burn fat at the same time…and make that work for anyone at any age I call my 38-year labor of passion The Muscle Laws. I’ve never published my Muscle Laws online until now…so take these to heart or you’ll NEVER see the physique you’re really after…

Muscle Law #1

Unless you know how to use the right, most bang for your buck exercises…you’re screwed! No one like to waste their time and money. Using the best exercise PROPERLY is what is going to give you the BEST results. There’s 2 ways of doing things: the right way and the wrong way. I’ll show you MY way, so you will take full advantage of the efforts you put in the gym…

Muscle Law #2

Unless you’re working less than 3 hours per week…you’re screwed! For the first 30 days, don’t even think about working out for the more than 3 hours A WEEK….yes, A WEEK! Your body just can’t keep up and you’ll end up losing all the muscles you’ve built, faster than you’ve built it if you workout more than 3 hours over the next 30 days. That is just one reason you’re not seeing the results you want…

Muscle Law #3

Unless you eat those 2 specific foods first thing in the morning…you’re screwed! All food is fuel, but 2 very unique foods COMBINED and eaten within 70 minutes of waking up is the ABSOLUTE KEY to packing on lean muscle. Even better: These foods radically accelerate your metabolism and FORCE your body to burn far more fat for fuel ALL DAY. That means you’re chiseling away that stubborn belly fat, “manboobs”, and definition-blurring blubber we all DETEST…all at the same time.

These 3 Laws Are Changing The Physiques Of Men Of All Ages…

atp-pump-enos“Without Charles’ methodology, I never would’ve reach the physique I have today. I’m forever grateful”

Malcolm Gwilliam, WBFF Pro – Former Scrawny Guy

And They Were Created By This 55-Year-Old Former “Scrawny Guy!”

I took me years of in-the-trenches experimentation on myself and my clients to come up with those laws… And there’s a few other proven principles I’ve added into the mix to make the results come even faster. This System has allowed me and the guys who are lucky enough to know and use these simple techniques to:
  • Rapidly improve your physique and do it in just a FEW HOURS PER WEEK!
  • Get measurable results that others notice in LESS THAN 90 DAYS…
  • Get stronger and leaner at the same time while enjoying the energy you had back in your twenties…
  • Destroy frustration and “gym apathy” and STAY MOTIVATED thanks to the consistent and highly visible results…
  • Plus improve your health and wellness all at the same time!
Not to brag, but I’ve made a lot of guys famous using these methods. I’ve given them to Olympic athletes like Helen Maroulis and Will Claye… …IFBB pro bodybuilders like Larry Vinette… However, you know what’s even more impressive?…
This System Works Even Better For The Everyday Working Man! If you’re anything like me, you’re busy. You probably have a job, maybe a family, that keeps you running around like crazy. It’s one thing to coach Olympic superstars. It’s another to coach guys like you. You see, your gains are more important to me. Here’s why: You don’t have the God-given genetic potential of these athletes. That’s why the training systems you’ve tried in the past let you down. My System was designed FIRST AND FOREMOST for guys like you who need a plan that works FAST… and works with your busy schedule… …methods that are responsible for thousands of ripped and muscular physiques… …a SIMPLE BLUEPRINT that has taken skinny guys all the way to Greek statue material. I’m talking about a System that works even if:
  • You don’t have great genetics…
  • You work long hours or have a super-busy lifestyle…
  • You don’t want to be stuck with a ridiculously hard diet or some crazy workout schedule…
  • You’re over the age of 40…50…60…70…hell, even 80!
  • AND if you think you’ve tried EVERYTHING THERE IS…
You’ve Never Tried This Because Nothing Like It Exists Anywhere… Except Right Here… That is why “HOW TO GAIN MUSCLE MASS” focuses on showing you how to train, eat and supplement so you can pack on 10 to 15 lbs of lean muscle mass in as little as 90 days. mass-ebook-768x994 The methods it uses are responsible for thousands of sculptured physiques… They have taken scrawny guys to Greek statue material… Read on to enjoy the same benefits… In only 12 short weeks, you could be bigger, stronger and more confident.  Can you imagine yourself:
  • More muscular
  • Not fitting in the same clothes anymore
  • Lifting heavier than you ever thought you could
  • Looking forward to taking your shirt off
  • Feeling great after a workout
This is all possible right now, and sooner than you expected Success leaves clues I built my career and sterling reputation as a coach in the last 4 decades helping over 800 Olympic athletes improve their health, strength and body composition… I’ve made countless physique athletes getting bigger, stronger and more ripped… “I was fortunate enough to get introduced to Charles early in my pro career, back in the early ’90s. Since our first meeting I was impressed with his exceptional knowledge in every aspect of training, sports nutrition and supplementation. His original and innovative methods of training got me interested and I applied it with great success in my programs and later in training routines of many of my pro athletes I was preparing for the biggest bodybuilding contest in the world- Mr.Olympia.If there is one advice I can give to anyone interested to bring their physique as well as performance to another level: listen very carefully everything this man has to say, include it in your routine and I promise you’ll never regret it.” Milos Sarcev IFBB pro champion, Contest Preparation and Physique Transformation Specialist “Training under Charles was a career changing move. Besides increasing my strength and my flexibility he has improved dramatically my speed and endurance. This all lead to reaching my goal of being the best defenseman in the National Hockey League” Chris Pronger Three times member of the Canadian Olympic Ice Hockey Team, first winner of both Norris and Hart trophies since Bobby Orr in 1972. Triple Gold Club Member (winner of an Olympic Games gold medal, a World Championship gold medal, and the Stanley Cup I have trained medalists in 22 different Olympic sports. My last protégé Helen Maroulis became the first American female to win Olympic gold in Rio in the 53 kg in Women’s Wrestling, easily defeating the indisputed champion of the last 3 Olympics Saori Yoshida And why? Because of her new-found strength… [caption id="attachment_8758" align="aligncenter" width="600"]charles_poliquin Coach Poliquin with Women’s Wrestling Rio Olympian Yelena Sergeyevna Pirozhkova and Women’s Wrestling Gold Medalist in the 53 kg division Helen Maroulis[/caption]


Getting This Information Out Meant Giving Away My Top Secrets To My Competitors Having a successful career means being busy. This is another reason why I’m a firm believer in getting the most results as fast as possible. I’ve spent years making people stronger, leaner and adding pounds of lean muscles to their physique so they can achieve their goals. All of them, professionals or lay people, have paid a huge premium for my services. Keeping that information as tightly controlled as possible meant that I could be the go-to coach for clients  who wanted to add the maximum muscle mass in as little time as possible I’ve never release all my top secrets for gaining muscle mass in one single publication before, with sample workouts…Until now That is why “HOW TO GAIN MUSCLE MASS – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE” focuses on showing you how to train, eat and supplement so you can pack on 10 to 15 lbs of lean muscle mass in as little as 90 days

Proven Methods for Fast Results

A former skinny guy myself, I’ve been my own lab rat, sporting 20” biceps at age 55.

After Perfecting My Methods On A Multitude Of Athletes And Teaching Strength Coaches Around The World To Get The Same Results, I Have Decided To Help Those Who Want To Take Their Physique To The Next Level Achieve Their Goals In The Shortest Time Possible

Being one of the most sought-after coach in the world, my services are priced accordingly.

I have some of the most high fees in the field… and yet get engagements around the world, with full classrooms… Prospective clients have a 6-month waiting list before I can fit them in my schedule… All of this comes from the fact that I get them results… Success leaves clues… Today, I want to provide you with the clues to your own success… “Charles has been around along time. I swear he farts dust he is so old, but he is still here and still kicking ass because he continues to learn and grow as a coach, and he also hasn’t forgotten all the basics that got him here, in a quest to look different and unique.If you get the chance to attend one of his seminars then do it. You will be happy you did!” John Meadows Mountain Dog Diet Founder/Creator “After two failed attempts at returning to play in the NHL, I hired the services of Charles R. Poliquin to obtain the strength and conditioning levels required to protect me from further injury so I could return to play the game. Not only was I able to recover from my injury, but my level of play reached new heights. He extended my career 11 years.” Gary Roberts Toronto Maple Leafs With “HOW TO GAIN MUSCLE MASS”, you get the most complete package I have ever put on the market: A full guide of my unique insights into training – the 3 time-proven muscle laws that guarantees you will add lean muscle mass FAST! All my other muscles-building principles for even better, faster results 12 weeks of hardcore, intense muscle-building workouts with pictures and high quality videos. No more confusion to do the exercise the right way A Comprehensive eating guide – You have to eat big to get big that outlines how to take charge of your eating to create an anabolic culinary experience On top of this, I will add more muscle-building bonuses My unique guide to supplements – Including the supplements you never thought could help you achieve your physique goals. I added a Sample mass gaining diet – And gotten some of my expert friends to write one as well All of that and more…for a single easy payment of $47.00 USD

Why It’s Just 47$?

You know that I have had the same challenges as you. Packing on muscle changed my life; not just how I looked, but how I felt. Confident! Strong! Empowered!

Plus, this is not some super-fancy book with a million-dollar publisher’s ad budget. This is just a simple, comprehensive, and to-the-point e-book that will give you the ANSWERS in as little time as possible. I did the hard work. I rounded up this information from my 4 decades of experience, personal training sessions, and from watching the underground heroes of fitness work miracles on the bodies of men and women. But I didn’t “invent” anything. I just compiled it all for you and put it into a super-simple to follow format. So, I think $47 is a VERY fair price to you…But I’ll offer it at $47 for only a little while longer (read on and see what I mean…)


I’m only offering this at such a low price for a LIMITED ONLY After 2 weeks, I’ll never again offer this product at this price…ever. So if you want to be 10 to 15 lbs HEAVIER with lean, hard muscle within only 90 days, Act NOW to pack on 10+ pounds of lean muscle mass.

Click The “Buy Now” Button To Receive Your Flash Price Of Just $47… PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $257!)


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