One of the most important factors for immune health is your micronutrient status. Micronutrients are like the tools that the individual cells of your immune system use to fight invaders.

For instance:

Vitamin D supports antimicrobial activity and the integrity of our gut (which acts as a “physical barrier” of our immune system). Deficient vitamin D impairs the immune system.

Zinc is important for T-cell and B-cell’s, which help your immune system remember certain invaders so that it can deal with it in the future if you’re ever re-exposed. Deficient zinc impairs the immune system.

Selenium supports another type of immune cell known as Natural Killer cells. Deficient selenium also impairs the immune system.

Micronutrients like these and others also help the body cope with inflammation and oxidative stress. Too much of this gives invaders the upper hand and really makes it difficult for our immune system.

This might lead to more prevalent sickness, more serious sickness, and impair other aspects of health.

We’ve put together an immunity bundle which provides your body with some of the most important micronutrients for your immune system.

They are Vitamin D3, Synerzinc, and our active form multivitamin, Total Defense.

Start with about 4000-8000 IU per day of Vitamin D3, 1-2 capsules Synerzinc per day, and 2-6 capsules Total Defense taken in servings of 2 with a meal.

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