Quick health check-up

Concerned with your health? No time to go for a quick check-up? Your body has a way to speak to you by symptoms. Something is wrong, he will let you know. It’s not normal that you wake up often during the night, or that you face plant on your computer around 3 pm.


Here are a few things to check for yourself and see if you might have to change a few habits to regain your health before you pass the critical drop off point.


Disturbed sleep patterns?

Difficulty falling asleep is what we encounter the most. In general, you should always fall asleep around the same time, no pills needed. When you start observing issues and can’t seem to calm down at night, usually stress is the culprit. However, stress can come in many forms. Mental stress is a bitch while physical stress can be better dealt with. One of the most effective ways to deal with these issues is the pre-bedtime routine.


Set your pre-bedtime routine always around the same time. Do you want to go to bed at around 10-11 pm? Around 9 pm, dim the lights, turn off all technology, grab a book, with paper and cover, remember I said no technology! You need to stop the thinking box, to slow it down. You are scared of forgetting something for the next day? Keep a paper and pen by your side.


Low energy? Can’t keep your eyes open in the middle of the day?

Eating a breakfast of mostly carbs will have a negative effect on your blood sugar and your energy level will feel like a roller coaster throughout the day. EVERY MEAL should be balanced. The quality of the nutrients has a lot to do with it as well. Proteins such as a type of meat, carbs as veggies or fruits and healthy fats such as nuts for breakfast will have a positive effect on your blood sugar. You’ll see less of a spike, giving you steady and calm energy. Blood sugar is like gravity, what goes up, must come down. The higher it goes, the harder it falls, and that’s your blood sugar/energy I am talking about.


Changing these simple habits will have a tremendous impact on your health and energy. Try these out and let us know the impact it had on your health.


Coach Eric

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