The single most important goal in fitness and health should be…

The single most important goal in fitness and health should be…
Gaining muscle.

Being scared of gaining muscle is like not using your car because your afraid of having an accident. Man or woman, you should aim at gaining as much muscle mass as possible. Let’s say you do so by training optimally and eating a boat load of proteins to gain muscle; sleeping an average 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night; and having the optimal hormonal profile. With all of this, you’ll probably end up gaining 3-5 pounds of lean muscle tissue in a matter of about 6 months. Doesn’t look that bad right? Most people believe they will achieve that kind of result in a month or two and that they will turn into freaks. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Then, maintaining it gets even tougher, so please stop the non-sense.

Why should you try to gain lean muscle mass at all costs? Here are a few undeniable reasons.

  • Longevity! Muscle mass is the best predictor of longevity. It will protect you against catabolism, especially in times of disease. Build up those lean tissue reserves in times of high stress, when your body is in breaking down muscles.
  • Fat loss! By increasing your muscle mass, you will also increase your metabolic rate, which means you make it easier for your body to burn fat on a daily basis.
  • Protection! What is your first line of defense when you fall on your ass? Your butt cheeks! Those glutes you’ve worked so hard for in the gym! But seriously, not only your butt will save your day, but as you fall, your arms and shoulders might try to hold on to something or will just be the limbs that will break your fall! Strong muscles will surely help, but they also act as a cushion to absorb the impact.

It’s all about prevention my friends!

Coach Eric

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