For fat burners advocates

You believe in late-night advertisements such as “This fat burner will make you feel as if you live in hell” or “You’ll burn so much fat that even your ancestors will feel it…”

These ads get so much attention that they make you want to buy a case right away. But what a monumental pile of bullshit!

The problem with these fat burners lies in long-term use. I have rarely seen long-term results with users. Even worst, the minute they stop using them, users often show all the symptoms of depression, their motivation is practically nonexistent, and the weight quickly comes back on with a few bonus extra pounds.

You always have the impression that the first training sessions are better, that your energy level is much higher. On the other hand, after two to three weeks, the adaptation effect catches up. Then 99% of the time, you’ll decide to increase your dose of this so-called fat burner and things will go wrong. You will develop sleep problems and mood swings, you’ll gain weight again, suffer from dehydration, loss of appetite and so on. It should be mentioned that most of these products contain some type of appetite suppressant. That is one of the worst things to consume to harm your metabolism.

There are, however, some fat burners based on the principle of the systemic approach to fat loss. Fat loss starts with nutrition, yes, but your body needs to function optimally in order to follow up with the proper metabolism to do so. Meaning, improving the muscle recovery process by reducing muscle tissue damage associated with a resistance training regimen. It also has to help support fat metabolism, maintain healthy blood pressure and support cardiovascular health. It also must include antioxidants which are essential when on a strict nutrition and workout plan which is exactly what our Adiposlim was created for.

Exercising with fat-burners won’t get you near your dreamed results. Thinking that those fat burners will get you your dreamed shape is like looking at the world through a straw. Get serious, make a plan based on good habits such as quality sleep, good digestion, and regeneration, and you’ll be well on your way to your dreamed silhouette.

Coach Eric

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