The case against bodyweight exercises

Although most popular workouts are based on some form of bodyweight exercises, you must understand that if you only stick with those, you might be selling yourself short. Burpees, air squats, push-ups, box jumps and step-ups are great exercises to increase strength and stamina for beginners, but the principle of accommodation will come and change your results after a little while.

You see, as you become better at them, and probably lose weight in the process, those exercises become easier. You get stronger, so you can do more. While you lose weight, the resistance decrease, which makes them even easier. So basically, as you become stronger and lighter, your body adapts and doesn’t need to exert as much energy doing them, hence the lack of results if you don’t increase the resistance and/or do more. This is why changing your routine is important. You could pair them up, find a way to increase resistance or just include them in a circuit. Mix things up to keep the results coming your way!


Coach Eric


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