Taking the right supplements to boost your immune system

At the time of this writing, we are enjoying near full lockdown/ quarantine as we are told around every corner lie infectious sources of COVID to flu bugs. Clearly the stress of daily "doom and gloom" news, employment hurdles, income worries and more are making us immune compromised already.

Regular home workouts, adequate hydration and keeping touch with friends and family, even virtually, lend to a better existence and outlook but clearly steps should be taken to maximize our immune abilities as hospitals grow fuller.

Often it's the most basic of things that go a long way, which takes us to our first supplement of choice, the MULTI VITAMIN.
In a study by Biochemists from Oregon State University, people over 55 who take a multivitamin every day with a gram of vitamin C and adequate amounts of micronutrients such as vitamin D, zinc and selenium, reduce their chances of being infected by a flu or cold virus. And if they do get sick, they suffer less from the symptoms.

Source: Nutrients. 2020 Aug 14;12(8):2447.

I personally use ATP's TOTAL DEFENSE Multi as well as the SYNER-C each morning with breakfast to ensure adequate nutrients for the day.

The next supplement will be a surprise to many. In an in vitro study published by the Swedish microbiologist Dario Akaberi, University of Uppsala, in Redox Biology, the NO boosters used by bodybuilders may protect against the dreaded coronavirus. Basically the higher the NO levels in the individual, the slower the coronavirus was able to multiply.

Source: Redox Biol. 2020 Sep 21;37:101734.

For those of you looking to boost NO levels pre workout to maximize pump, ATP's E-NOS is a gold standard of various metabolic pathways to do so. The pump is noticeable and given its protective nature against the COVID, a smart supplement to include.

The third supplement of note is that "tool in the box" that seems to help with everything: GLUTAMINE.
While post workout it aids in tissue glycogen replenishment in those following a low carb lifestyle, it is also pivotal to immune function. Studies have shown that supplementing with glutamine when sick enhances immune function and protects muscles from being broken down to use as free amino acids. It is a critical fuel source for immune cells, including white blood cells and certain intestinal cells. Because blood levels decrease due to major injuries, burns or surgeries, we know the body uses it to heal much.

Again I use ATP's GLUTAMED as part of my own post workout shakes. 1 tbsp yields 9g of this pivotal amino and offers protection after the workout (or when under stress) when we are typically immune compromised.

The final supplement of note has been written about ad nauseum, so we'll keep it short. Vitamin D3 levels dictate both your resistance to infection as well as your ability to recover from one. We need to include vitamin K2 with it for absorptive purposes as well as preventing calcium deposition in the arteries. Most use Magnesium as a standard end of day aid to sleep as well as CNS and muscular healing from exertion. Magnesium assists in the activation of vitamin D, which helps regulate calcium and phosphate homeostasis to influence the growth and maintenance of bones. All of the enzymes that metabolize vitamin D seem to require magnesium, which acts as a cofactor in the enzymatic reactions in the liver and kidneys.

Given all the above I take my vitamin D3K2 supplement at the same time as my SYNERMAG, ensuring it's a fatty meal to support absorption and storage of the vitamins.

The above may seem a mouthful but it's like heading to Vegas with all the Aces up your sleeve you wish. Between COVID and much else, take advantage of the odds and load your pockets with the good stuff. You'll not regret it.

Who loves ya ?
"Coach Mike"

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