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Dave Shutler

strength coach and body transformation specialist

Dave Shutler is a strength coach and body transformation specialist. The owner of ICON Gym, he is also a bodybuilder and international fitness role model.

He was formerly a secret service agent before turning full time to his passion: fitness and health. He excels at getting people into better shape faster, using safe and effective means.


Training and certifications:

Enterprise Fitness 3-day internship, Melbourne, Australia, 2016

Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 2, Tempe, Arizona, 2015

Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1, Toronto, Ontario, 2014

Muscle Testing/Nutritional Reflex Technique, Houston, Texas, 2014

Poliquin Fat Loss Seminar, Greenwhich, Rhode Island, 2014

PICP Level 2, Greenwhich, Rhode Island, 2014

PICP Level 1, Greenwhich, Rhode Island, 2013

Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Level 2, Greenwhich, Rhode Island, 2013

Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Level 1, Greenwhich, Rhode Island, 2012

Licensed Massage Therapist, Virginia, 2010

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, 2010



200-205 lbs.

210-215 lbs.

Favorite products


International live-entertainment production

Creativiva is an international live-entertainment production company based in Toronto. It specializes in creating spectacular multi-genre shows for audiences around the globe. The company’s talent and creative team often come from Cirque du Soleil, Broadway and the world’s best performing arts schools. With hundreds of performers, dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, Creativiva continuously demands the highest level of athleticism. The company is always on the move and ready for action!

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Katherine Turcotte


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in photography, health, the stage, fashion and beauty. But it was only in 2012 that I combined all these passions into one: fitness!

It all started six years ago when I met an enthusiast who put me on the path toward this lifestyle. I always liked to eat well, even though I sometimes skipped meals to stay thin. At the time, I weighed about 120 lb, but I didn’t have any muscles! So, I loved seeing my muscles develop and my energy rise like a shot after a few months of training. Over time, I started to read fitness magazines to learn more about nutrition. Physically, I was nowhere near looking like the women with sculpted bodies that I saw in the magazines. But I knew that my face had potential, and I decided I wanted to be one these women. I had no idea how to do it, though.

Then, in December 2011, several people told me that they thought I would be a good magazine model and bikini (fitness) competitor. I took their comments as messages from above, since that’s exactly what I’d been thinking about for months! So I started studying everything that had to do with preparing for competition. I wanted to know everything about how the industry works and how I could make my name in it. Three months later, thanks to my research and persistence, I was on the stage, competing against the women I admired. And I won first place!

That was the starting point of my passion and the path I’ve been on ever since. As my own coach, I admit that it hasn’t always been easy managing myself. But through the experience, I learned that I had a hidden strength of character. This strength, combined with a healthy and balanced approach, has helped me show a better and better physique, from one championship to the next, and has helped me be one of the best.

The year 2014 was full of personal accomplishments and revelations. My desire to help other competitors reach their physical goals became a priority, spurring a professional change to personal coaching. I’m always aiming to go above and beyond, so I continue to learn in this amazing field from trainers like Vincent Comtois, Mathieu Bouchard and Charles Poliquin.

Then, 2015 was a year of resurgence! Meeting inspiring people immersed in the same world who share my lifestyle and mindset played a critical role in pushing me on to accomplish even more, both as an athlete and a coach.


Taking this time to sit down and look at how far I’ve come has made me really proud of all I’ve accomplished. And I’m even more motivated to continue on this road and to reach the highest peaks!



2016 – SAF Spring Spectacular, Fitness Model: 1st
2015 – WBFF Montreal Pro, Bikini Diva: 10th
2014 – WBFF Montreal Pro, Bikini Diva: 2nd
2013 – WORLD WBFF Pro, Bikini Diva: Top 20
2013 – WBFF Montreal Amateur, Bikini Diva: 1st
2012 – IDFA Pro Universe, Fitness model: 3rd
2012 – IDFA Pro Championship, Fitness Model: 3rd
2012 – IDFA Open, Fitness Model: 1st
2012 – IDFA Novice, Fitness model: 1st


2016 – Inside Fitness magazine (Hot and Fit top 100)
2015 – Fit and Firm magazine (Montreal Pro Bikini Diva)
2013 – Fit and Firm magazine (World Pro Bikini Diva)
2013 – Inside Fitness magazine (Hot and Fit top 100)



125 lbs.

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Malcom Gwilliam

WBFF professional muscle model and strength coach

Malcolm Gwilliam is a WBFF professional muscle model, strength coach, and owner of Source Performance and Corporate Health Ventures.


WBFF Amateur Male Muscle Model Arizona Open. Tempe, Arizona, 2016: 1st
WBFF Amateur Male Muscle Model World Championships. Las Vegas, Nevada, 2014: 10th


Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes – Private internship. Novi, Michigan, 2016

Strength Sensei – Kinetic Chain Enhancement: Modules 1-3. Marbella, Spain, 2016

Strength Sensei – BioPrint. Scottsdale, Arizona, 2016

University of Hawaii Strength Clinic. Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016

Mastering the Art and Science of Powerlifting for Sport. Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016

Active Release Techniques – Spine. San Diego, California, 2015

University of Florida Men’s Basketball – Semi-private internship. Gainesville, Florida, 2015

Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts – Licensed Massage Therapist. Tempe, Arizona, 2015

Strength Sensei – Fundamentals of Program Design. Tempe, Arizona, 2015

Functional Integrative Therapy Institute – Fascial Abrasion Technique. Charlotte, North Carolina, 2015

Functional Integrative Therapy Institute – Synergy Performance Taping. Charlotte, North Carolina, 2015

Active Release Techniques – Lower Extremity. Las Vegas, Nevada, 2015

Active Release Techniques – Upper Extremity. Las Vegas, Nevada, 2014

Functional Integrative Therapy Institute – Integrative Dry Needling for Sports Injury Management. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2015

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialist. Gilbert, Arizona, 2014

Poliquin Strength Institute – Advanced Nutrition & Supplementation Symposium. East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 2012

Poliquin Strength Institute – Poliquin International Certification Program, Level 3. East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 2012

Poliquin Strength Institute – Laboratory Interpretations. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 2011

Poliquin Strength Institute – Eleiko Strength Summit. East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 2011

Poliquin Strength Institute – Poliquin International Certification Program, Level 2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2010

Poliquin Strength Institute – Poliquin International Certification Program, Level 1. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2010

January 16, 1985


220 Lbs

245 lbs

Favorite products

Lars Eller

Professional hockey player

  • First-round draft pick (13th overall) 2007
  • Position: centre
  • Number: 81

May 8, 1989 in Rodovre, Denmark

1.88 m (6’2”)

207 lbs.


Jean-François Gaudreau

Favorite products

Cynthia Benoit

IFBB bikini PRO


  • 2016 – IFBB Legends Classic, 2nd
  • 2015 – IFBB Iron Games, 12th
  • 2015 – IFBB Sacramento Pro Championships, 10th
  • 2015 – IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro, 6th
  • 2015 – IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, 2nd
  • 2015 – IFBB Pro Bikini, 9th
  • 2015 – IFBB Legends Pro Bikini, 4th
  • 2014 – IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, 16th
  • 2013 – IFBB Houston Pro, 14th
  • 2013 – IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, 8th
  • 2013 – IFBB New York Pro, 16th



  • 2012 – IFBB Arnold amateur Spain, 2nd bikini up to 163 cm
  • 2012 – IFBB World Championships, 6th Bikini Fitness up to 163cm
  • 2012 – CBBF World Championships Qualifier, 2st Bikini 5’2-5’4 & Bikini Overall (Pro card)



  • Seminar on hypertrophy and weight loss, with Charles Poliquin
  • Advanced Strength Design Program, with Charles Poliquin
  • BioPrint II
  • Fundamentals of Bio Signature
  • Coach Export Bodybuilding –Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Coach Export Sports nutrition – Levels 1 and 2
  • Coach Export Biomechanics
  • Coach Export Functional training

May 28, 1987

5' 3 1/2"

108 lb

104 lb

Favorite products

Julie Royer

Personal trainer, athlete and mother of two

Fitness competition:

  • 1st place, bikini (Coupe Progym 2011)
  • 2nd place, bikini (Quebec Open 2012)
  • 2nd place, bikini (provincial 2012)
  • 4th place, bikini (Canadian championship 2012)
  • 3rd place, bikini (Arnold Amateur international championship 2013)
  • 3rd place, bikini (Events Qualifier international championship 2013)
  • 4th place, bikini (Arnold Classic Amateur international championship 2014)
  • 4th place, bikini fitness (CBBF Canadian championship in Edmonton 2014)
  • 3rd place, bikini fitness (Arnold Classic Amateur international championship 2015)
  • 4th place, Bikini Fitness Open (CBBF Halifax 2015)
  • 1st place, Bikini Fitness Masters (CBBF Canadian championship 2015)

1.63 m (5’4’’)

131 lbs.


Favorite products

Melissa Shadd

Mother, TV host and producer

With a background in health and fitness, Melissa started out as a strength and conditioning coach for university sports and junior hockey teams. She was also a personal health and fitness coach for women of all backgrounds. Thanks to her lifestyle, she was able to spend more time at home with her baby, where she launched her blog, Naturally Fit Mom.

Over the past few years, her family has gone through a lot of changes and challenges. Her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2010, forever changing how she took care of her family. She enrolled in a holistic nutrition program, setting out to become a health coach. She hoped to use this knowledge to take care of her husband with alternative medicine, including food and natural remedies. In 2013, the couple welcomed their second child into the world.

Throughout this tumultuous time, Melissa continued to work in the fitness industry as a promoter for a natural bodybuilding show, the KW Oktoberfest Natural Classic ( She has also worked as a judge for the Ontario Physique Association.

In 2014, Melissa joined the ATP team, which was a perfect fit. Aiming to raise healthy and strong children with pure supplements, she uses various ATP products in her household. Her kids take our vitamin D, fish oil and protein, while Melissa and her husband supplement with our full line!

Melissa is also a producer and co-host on Vanessa+Melissa, a Rogers TV parenting talk show that airs nationwide. Now available on YouTube, the show focuses on parenting and how to be a fit, healthy and happy mom!

Favorite products

Anette De LA Rosa

Health & Fitness Entrepreneur & Coach, IFBB bikini pro

Anette De La Rosa is a Health & Fitness Entrepreneur & Coach, IFBB bikini pro & self – love junkie who is devoted to helping women become the healthiest & happiest version of themselves from the inside out!

After winning her IFBB pro card at Canadian Nationals in 2014, Anette changed her career from working in the Hospitality industry to being a full time Fitness Entrepreneur, Bikini Athlete and Online Coach. Since beginning her career in the fitness industry, she has transformed thousands of womens lives through her online programs and fitness consulting.

She is currently in the process of becoming a certified Holistic Nutritionist & re-defining her online programs to go beyond the physical transformation elements and dive deeper in to true mind, body & soul development for women from the inside out. 

December 14th, 1989

5' 6

Off-season: 135 lbs.
Competition weight: 120 lbs.


Favorite products

Adrienne Smith

National Competitor/ Fitness Coach/ Gym Owner


  • NPC Open Bikini Ohio Natural Northern 2013
  • NPC Masters Bikini NPC Ohio Natural Northern 2013
  • 1st Place, Open Bikini 2013
  • Bikini NPC Ohio Natural Northern 2014
  • Bikini NPC Ohio Natural Northern 2014
  • Bikini NPC Ohio Natural Northern 2015
  • 3rd Place, NPC Open Bikini NPC North Coast Championship 2015
  • 3rd Place, Masters Bikini NPC North Coast Championship 2015
  • 1st Place, NPC Masters Bikini West Virginia Grand Prix 2015
  • 4th Place, NPC Open Bikini West Virginia Grand Prix 2015



  • Elite Trainer with the International Sports and Science Association
  • BioPrint Practitioner – Level 1, Charles Poliquin
  • Fundamentals of Program Design, Charles Poliquin
  • Master Teacher of Corrective Exercise, Baldwin Wallace College
  • Scientific Core Conditioning, CHEK Institute

June 23,1975

5’ 2”

110 lb

115 lb

Fitness Evolution RR

Favorite products

Dimitri Waardenburg

Professional fighter, mixed martial arts


  • 18 professional fights to date (11-7 record)
  • 80 amateur fights, all disciplines included.
  • At age 10 – Began serious training
  • At age 12 – 1st amateur kick-boxing match
  • At age 13 – 1st shoot-boxing fight (MMA amateur)
  • At age 13 – 1st amateur boxing match
  • At age 18 – 1st professional MMA fight


For further information on his performances:

October 12, 1989

1.70 m (5’7’’)

153 lbs. (current weight)
Competes in 135 lb. category


Brussels, Belgium
Arrived in Canada in April 1999 at age 9.

Dirk Waardenburg

Favorite products

Danielle Ruban

Model/physical trainer

I have been involved in competitive athletics and physical training all my life. I have participated in gymnastics, athletics and cheerleading, and for the past five years, I have done fitness competitions on the national and international level.

After retiring from competitive gymnastics at age 14, I started training gymnasts. You could say that that’s where I developed my roots in the training domain. I didn’t start personal training until I was 25. Just as my own success with physical training began to take off, I began to feel the desire to teach others that getting back in shape could enrich their life.

Since then, I have specialized in preparing for fitness competitions. I am as excited about training other competitors as I am about training for my own competitions. But I don’t work only with competitors; I love working with someone who has a goal and who is ready to work to reach it!


Fitness philosophy:

Everyone has the ability to improve his quality of life and reach personal goals. My commitment is to help my clients turn their goals into a reality. My long-standing involvement in physical activity and my passion for fitness have brought me to where I am today. I want to share my knowledge and inspire others who are pursuing their goal to reach their own level of optimum health and well-being. With an orientation and a personalized program, I pave the way to the successful accomplishment of your fitness objectives. In physical training, the goal is to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits. I will motivate you, give you the confidence to break your self-imposed limits, and take you further than you ever thought possible. Fitness means many things to me: taking charge of your life, humility, a means to personal growth, and self-confidence. What does it mean to you? I can’t wait to share your journey!


Career highlights:

  • 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Brazil – 3rd
  • 2014 IFBB Ms. Fitness International – 12th
  • 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe – 12th
  • 2012 IFBB Ms. Fitness Olympia – 12th
  • 2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow – 4th
  • 2012 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro – 4th
  • 2012 IFBB St. Louis Pro – 3rd
  • 2012 IFBB Ms. Fitness International – 9th
  • 2011 IFBB Pan American Games Championships, 1st, Tall category, 1st, overall
  • 2011 IFBB North American Championships, 1st overall (earned Pro Card)
  • 2011 CBBF National Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Elite Bodybuilding Championships, 1st in the Fitness Tall category
  • UFE Showdown 2010, 1st, fitness modeling, 1st, Fitness Open
  • 2010 Classic Ontario Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships – National Qualifier, 1st, fitness
  • 2010 Mississauga OPA O’Brien Luchka Classic, 1st, fitness
  • UFE Showdown 2010, 1st, Fitness Open, première Fitness Model
  • UFE Spring Bash 2010, 1st, Fitness Open, 2nd, Fitness Model
  • UFE Spring Bash 2009, 1st, Fitness Modeling, 1st, Fitness Open
  • Jamor’s Stratford Festival City Championships 2009, 1st, Fitness


Current activities:

  • Trainer for the following categories: Figure/Fitness/Men and Women Physique/Bikini
  • IFBB professional fitness athlete
  • Athlete sponsored by ATP Athletic – Therapeutic-Pharma


Training and certifications:

  • NCCP-certified trainer
  • CanFit Pro certified trainer
  • Graduate of the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
  • Certified trainer, level 2 in artistic gymnastics
  • Certification in CPR and first aid

October 10, 1983

Off-season: 152 lbs.
Competition weight: 143 lbs.


Favorite products

Sean Tierney

Transformation and Contest Preparation Coach

Head Coach $ Co-Founder, Team T-Rex Training
17 years coaching experience – Transformation and Contest prep
Honors Degree in Kinesiology & Health Science + 4 additional certifications.
Over 75% client success rate for top 5 finishes.
3-time bodybuilding champion

Sean is new-school thinking coach that utilizes a mix of science, advanced sports nutrition and proven practical experience to help all types of clients get the absolute most out of their physiques. With over 17 years of coaching experience, Sean has worked with a wide variety of clients including athletes, competitors, body transformations, rehabilitation patients and now focuses most of his efforts on elite level contest prep coaching and guiding other coaches in his network. After having completing his honors Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology, Sean went on to further his education with multiple certifications from the I.S.S.A. and the N.S.C.A., earning reputable designations as a Sports Nutritionist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist. With this well rounded and diversified resume, he is able to assess each client and create a customized program tailored to ensure they meet or exceed their goals. This focus on customization and analyzing each client’s individual needs is at the core of all his programming. Sean’s passion for coaching, demonstrated results over the past decade, combined with his educational background and advanced programs have earned him a spot among some of the top coaches in Canada.


198 lbs.

215 lbs.

Favorite products

Lisa Forman

National competitor/fitness & nutrition coach

I started to focus on fitness and nutrition after college, not realizing how addictive the results would become. As a young adult, I found weights and nutrition a great way to discipline and challenge myself and my physique. Over the past 8 years I have completed a variety of certifications and have hired coaches to learn how to shape my body.  I won gold, placing first at canadian nationals fitness/physique competition held in winnipeg, august 2014. Following the Canadian nationals, I had the privilege of being accepted to compete on Team Canada at the IFBB Amateur Worlds held in Laval, Quebec, the highest level of competition for natural fitness and physique competition.

My education, experience, passion and drive all come together to help my clients achieve a healthier lifestyle in the areas of nutrition and fitness.


  • Canadian National Fitness Athlete
  • Registered Holistic Nutrition Program (R.H.N)
  • Poliquin Certified – Bio-Signature Modulation Practitioner (Bio-Sig.)
  • Hormonal Profiling (HP)
  • Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS)
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)
  • Graphic Design & Marketing Degree, Ontario College, 2007
  • Certified in CPR & First Aid



  • 4th Place Figure Tall – CBBF Natural Nationals Bodybuilding Championships, June 26th, 2014, Moncton, NB
  • 9th Place Figure Tall – IFBB World Fitness Championships, October 18th, 2014, Laval, Qc
  • 1st Place Figure Tall – CBBF Natural Nationals Bodybuilding Championships, August 9th, 2014, Winnipeg, MB
  • 2ndFigure Tall – OPA Ontario Provincial Championships Natural  Bodybuilding Event, September 2013
  • 1st Figure Tall – OPA Henderson Thorne Regional Championships Natural Bodybuilding Event – 2nd OVERALL FIGURE – July 2013
  • 4th Figure Tall – OPA Winston Invitational Regional Open Bodybuilding  Event – October 2012
  • 3rd Figure Tall – OPA Oktoberfest Classic Regional Natural Bodybuilding Event – October 2012

AUGUST 6, 1986



Favorite products

Tracy Blakely

Since she stopped competing as a gymnast at the age of 13, Tracy Blakely has always found a way for fitness to be a part of her life. She knew she was on the right track when she began working at GoodLife Fitness seven years ago as a group fitness instructor. Her passion for health and fitness quickly grew into a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. She is currently Les Mills certified in Bodypump, CX Work, RPM and Bodycombat. In addition, she is certified in GoodLife’s New+Body program.

In 2013, she decided to take her training to the next level and entered her first bodybuilding competition. Over the following seven months, she competed in three shows, finishing with three first-place finishes and three overall titles.

While she has retired her bikini and heels, she still strives to connect with, motivate and inspire others to be their best. As a GoodLife group fitness manager, she currently leads a team of over 80 instructors to do the same.


Athletic Accomplishments

November 2013 – Ottawa Classic Championships

  • First place in figure short
  • First overall figure

March 2014 – Cobourg Championships

  • First place in figure short
  • First place in physique short
  • First overall figure
  • First overall physique
  • Best Poser award

May 2014 – Generation Iron

  • Part of a demo team that travelled to the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival for the premiere of Generation Iron

May 2014 – Open Provincials, Toronto Pro Super Show

  • Sixth place in figure two

Kate Bartolo


About me:

I found a new love for competing in 2016. I was at a point where I was sick of feeling how I was feeling all the time, I wanted to push myself and my limits and get my health and fitness to where I want it to be. I decided to compete in natural body building bikini division and I haven’t looked back. I love sharing my journey with my followers and giving them motivation to start theirs. I obtained my Bikini Pro card in 2016 and look forward to the future with competitions, I used ATP Lap supplements throughout my prep and only trust them with my comp prepping needs.



1st place Bikini Novice – ANB Victoria State Championships 2nd October 2016, Melbourne, Victoria

1st place International Swimsuit Model – ANB Victoria State Championships, 2nd October 2016, Melbourne, Victoria

1st place Overall Victorian State Champion – ANB Victoria State Championships, 2nd October 2016, Melbourne, Victoria

1st place Bikini Novice – ANB Australian Nationals, 9th October 2016, Parramatta, Sydney

2nd place Bikini Short Division – ANB Australian Nationals, 9th October 2016, Parramatta, Sydney

1st place Elite Bikini – UFE World Championships – 20th November 2016, Toronto, Canada

2nd place Pro Bikini – UFE World Championships – 20th November 2016, Toronto, Canada

9 February 1992



Favorite products

Lucia Casella

Figure fitness competitor

Young and full of ambition, I am going full force into my second year as a figure fitness competitor. In 2011 and with no previous experience as an athlete, I discovered a real passion for physical training. Since then, my dreams and aspirations have taken shape: to become part of the world’s elite in this discipline!

Fitness teaches me something about myself every day, whether it’s in the intensity of my workouts, my food, my personal improvement or my work ethic. It’s a way of life, paved with decisions and difficult choices, but it gives me structure and an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. I believe that activity and movement go hand in hand with the psychological, and that they contribute to a state of well-being in which individuals can realize their full potential.

I have also had the opportunity to share my knowledge through my personal training company, THE WAY, whose goal is to promote the benefits of physical exercise and proper nutrition.

I firmly believe that behind every athlete in this sport, commonly called an individual sport, there’s an equally important team that offers the athlete support and strives for his or her success. This team includes the athlete’s trainer, sponsors, family and friends.



  • Québec Open de l’Ouest championship 2015, 1st place overall
  • Provincial championship 2015, 3rd place
  • Preparing for CBBF 2016

1.65 m (5’5’’)

Off-season: 146 lbs.
Competition weight: 130 lbs.


Favorite products

Sophie Gagnon

Bikini athlete, national level

When I was young, I wasn’t much of an athlete, even though in high school, I participated in sports every day. I was 17 when I discovered training in the gym. I fell in love with it pretty quickly because I wanted to be in the best physical shape possible and thus improve my self-esteem. Since I had healthy eating habits to begin with, jumping into the field of bikini fitness competition as I did in 2013 was not terribly demanding of me. Now it’s my turn to share this passion through my work as a personal trainer in Trois-Rivières.

April 15, 1990

1.75 m (5’9’’)

Competition weight: 131 lbs.
Off-season: 144 lbs.


Favorite products

Holy Powell

Professional Dancer/Model/Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader/Dance Teacher

I have been training in the art of dance since I could walk. No one knew when I started my training at age two that it would turn into a career. I competed from age five to eighteen at various competitions around the world. At age twelve, I was the recipient of an award that titled me as “Dancer of the Year.” This award allowed me the honor to travel to Australia and compete for United States. After graduating high school, I auditioned for the hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. I made the call-back to Las Vegas where i was released right before the final round. Two weeks after this disappointment, I pursued another dream and tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and made the squad the first time. I am currently a second-year veteran. Tryouts are around the corner for my third season and I’m looking forward to using ATP products to get me to the next level with my fitness.

Favorite products

Tanner Kero

Professional Hockey Player

– 2nd year professional
– Position: Center
– Number: 67

July 24, 1992

Hancock, Michigan



Malcolm Gwilliam

Favorite products