Track day

25 May 2019 - Articles

There are days that getting inside to do a workout, no matter how dedicated you are, especially when it is so nice outside, you just don’t feel like it.   Well, sprinting might just be the answer for you on those beautiful days. First, sprinting triggers the fast twitch fibers of the lower body. Perfect […] Read more

Supplements for Anti-aging

23 May 2019 - Articles

Protect your skin and joints with these 2 key supplements Dwayne N. Jackson, PhD   Collagen is a structural protein that binds our tissues together by forming their extracellular matrix. Simply put, collagen acts as the glue that holds our body parts together. As such, the many forms of collagen provide the structural basis for […] Read more

Nutrition skepticism

16 May 2019 - Articles

The nutrition world has its own kind of “conspiracy theories”.   – Gluten sensitivity is all in your head. – Gluten free is only a trend. – You can get all the protein you need in broccoli. – Meat will give you cancer.   One of the biggest and most controversial is the gluten issue. […] Read more

10 easy tips to gain lean muscle mass

14 May 2019 - Articles

1. Create a caloric surplus. You can’t expect to have results if you work like a horse but eat like a bird.   2. Sleep! Prioritize sleep because it is a necessity, not a luxury. No gains’ gonna come if the body can’t repair itself.   3. Increase protein intake. Proteins are the main building […] Read more

Guns of war

9 May 2019 - Articles

Here is one of the workout programs I gave the attendees for one of my “Strength code club” training camp. This one is for pure hypertrophy, biceps and triceps, in a mechanical advantage like workout, using elbow angles, starting from the most difficult to the easiest movement. You start with the most demanding angle/exercise when […] Read more