The most feared piece of equipment is?

16 August 2019 - Articles

The prowler/sled!   I often poll my Instagram followers to have a feel about what they want to discuss or understand better. One of the questions I recently asked was: “What is the worst exercise?” And, you got it, the prowler came out on top!   The thing is that the prowler can be very […] Read more

Simple leg progression

14 August 2019 - Articles

Sometimes, knowing your limits can save your joints and a few injuries. I’ve rarely started doing squats with anyone on day one. There is always some kind of strength discrepancy. Not all exercises are made equal, so some might be better than others to fix those issues. Pick and choose some of these exercises to […] Read more

Question of the week How often should I workout?

9 August 2019 - Articles

There are so many layers to that question that I will try to cover them all very briefly.   1. How long have you been training? The more experience you have, the less you’ll need to workout to maintain or gain results. But hold on, I’m talking years of experience not just a few months. […] Read more

Postural training

6 August 2019 - Articles

I believe that technology will be our biggest downfall when it comes to structural issues. We already see it with kids that are getting on phones and iPads at such a young age. The forehead posture (head slopping down forward) is becoming very common with kids as well as the older population.   Beside spending […] Read more

Get to know Mike Demeter – Personal Trainer & nutrition/wellness expert

1 August 2019 - Articles

Get to know the ATP Lab supplement brand and the athletes who represent our lifestyle through our exclusive interviews.   ABOUT THE ATHLETE Mike Demeter has been a personal trainer and nutrition/wellness expert for well over 30 years. After completing a 6-year major in Kinesiology at the University of Toronto with additional emphasis in social psychology and […] Read more